Mechanical Sensing

This paper presents an active disturbance rejection torque control strategy integrated with a Kalman filter for a pneumatic rotary actuator without pressure feedback. The interference from the position system and nonlinearity from friction and air compressibility can lead to chatter and crawl, presenting challenges to achieving precise torque control of pneumatic rotary actuators. A Kalman filter is designed for real-time filtering to address the chattering of active disturbance rejection controller (ADRC) caused by noise of feedback signal.


This is the data of an innovative microstepping motor controller with excitation angular current double-loop feedback control (ACDL), and compared with the data of a conventional stepper motor controller (OP) and angle closed-loop control (AL).


This data was collected during a validation study of our Torso-Dynamics Estimation System (TES). The TES consisted of a Force Sensing Seat (FSS) and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) that measured the kinetics and kinematics of the subject's torso motions. The FSS estimated the 3D forces, 3D moments, and 2D COPs while the IMU estimated the 3D torso angles. To validate the TES, the FSS and IMU estimates were compared to gold standard research equipment (AMTI force plate and Qualisys motion capture system, respectively). 


  We use industrial cameras to take images of steel wire ropes under different conditions, and use these wire rope images to train the U_Net network, and realize the semantic segmentation of the wire rope images by the U_Net network.



This dataset is used to design patent and many machines can be designed using this dataset.

This is a very important dataset to do breakthrough. One of the secrets behind invention is revealed in these datasets.

Part of this design, with manually done tabulated calculations were submitted as the proposal design (for innovation challenge) proposed by the author, in the small concept paper to Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India in the year 2017.

 As the Excel files(using LibreOffice) are given, so no paper is written is for it.


Human arm motion data including forearm, upper-arm, and scapula link IMU modules beside SLAM reference position measurements compared to VICON as ground trouth.


The dataset 'sensitivityThreshold(haptic feedback).zip' contains the results of a haptic feedback sensitivity study comparing a novel laparoscopic grasper with 2 conventional graspers. Also grip preference of each participant was stored.The instrument sensitivity was validated by measuring the level at which participants could discriminate force differences applied at the grasper tip with an increasing force level, while the subjects were holding the new instrument and a conventional grasper at the handle grip.


This document has description of acoustic and vibration data of defect cases of centrifugal pump,  Test rig facility, sensor, and data acquisition device located at Precision Metrology Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology Longowal, India.  


Recently, there has been a notable shift to increasingly more sedentary lifestyles, yet it remains unclear whether inexpensive accelerometers, such as those contained in Actigraph devices, can provide consistent measurements of low magnitude accelerations. This study sought to explore the ability of two Actigraph models to differentiate low frequency oscillations, in reference to higher-end accelerometers with the idle sleep mode disabled (ISM) (Part 1) and enabled (Part 2) in a controlled environment.


The measurement and diagnosis of the severity of failures in rotating machines allow the execution of predictive maintenance actions on equipment. These actions make it possible to monitor the operating parameters of the machine and to perform the prediction of failures, thus avoiding production losses, severe damage to the equipment, and safeguarding the integrity of the equipment operators. This paper describes the construction of a dataset composed of vibration signals of a rotating machine.