Standards Research Data

The dataset accompanying the paper "Demystifying and Assessing Code Understandability in Java Decompilation" is structured to facilitate a comprehensive analysis of code understandability in Java decompilation. The data is organized into two main directories: data/original and data/testset, representing the original dataset and the test set, respectively. Each directory encompasses three components. First, the code directory contains experimental data, including source code and corresponding decompiled code produced by three decompilers: CFR, Fernflower, and Jadx.


The Comprehensive Patient-Health Monitoring Dataset is an extensive collection of health-related data gathered from remote monitoring systems between June 4, 2023, and October 4, 2023. This dataset comprises 10,000 samples, each meticulously recorded at ten-minute intervals, capturing a diverse array of vital signs and health metrics crucial for patient care and medical research.


This database is from a family of studies about the user-perceived quality and functional suitability of DEMO's Process and Fact Models. It includes three different samples. Sample 1 consists of the results from a group of professionals within the urban appraisal area. Sample 2 consists of the results from a group of health professionals. Finally, Sample 3 includes the results from a group of students trained in the DEMO standard. 


This dataset records the data required for the paper "Enhancing Stateful Processing in Programmable Data Planes: Model and Improved Architecture", comprising five .xlsx files, corresponding to Figures 3, 7, 19, 20, and 21 in the paper. Each data file includes notes that explain the meaning of the data, the headers of the rows and columns, and the units.


Intermittent heating is to maintain indoor temperature of buildings in winter within a comfort range only during occupancy periods. Buildings have thermal inertia causing slow increments of indoor temperature, so that a preheating time is required to start heating in advance of occupancy periods. In this paper, a new method is presented to determine preheating time for building intermittent heating subject to changes in outdoor temperature and solar radiation.


Description: This supplementary materials file contains:

-All raw data generated in the experiments. 

-All MATLAB files required to update the ForceSight application with new data.

-A video of the test procedure for a contraction force measurement of an example actuator.

-License files for


Size: Less than 250 MB


Platform: MATLAB


Environment: Microsoft, Linux, MacOS


Major component description:


This dataset includes electronics repair guides from MyFixitDataset. From the MyFixit dataset, 50 repair manuals were randomly selected from each of the Mac, PC, Phone, and Electronics categories. These 200 repair manuals with 4754 distinct steps were to be selected and loaded into the Assembly Guidance Ontology. Each step was evaluated by the authors, and suitable parameters were assigned for the Digital Assembly Guidance System.


Anomaly detection plays a crucial role in various domains, including but not limited to cybersecurity, space science, finance, and healthcare. However, the lack of standardized benchmark datasets hinders the comparative evaluation of anomaly detection algorithms. In this work, we address this gap by presenting a curated collection of preprocessed datasets for spacecraft anomalies sourced from multiple sources. These datasets cover a diverse range of anomalies and real-world scenarios for the spacecrafts.


This dataset presents real-world IoT device traffic captured under a scenario termed "Active," reflecting typical usage patterns encountered by everyday users. Our methodology emphasizes the collection of authentic data, employing rigorous testing and system evaluations to ensure fidelity to real-world conditions while minimizing noise and irrelevant capture.