Standards Research Data

This dataset contains full details of the use case scenarios. Those can be used for effort elicitation using the adapted Use Case Points method. Despite the extensive use of UCP in software engineering, it has yet to be adapted for IoT systems, which is essential for project management and resource planning. Our proposed adaptation, UCP for IoT, is based on a four-layer IoT architecture and tailors the standard software UCP to the specifications of IoT systems.


The unethical practices in science that the essay "Uncovering the Dark Side of Science: Exposing Predatory Research Practises" reveals are known as predatory research practices. The work demonstrates how these practices significantly undermine the integrity and dependability of scientific research and may lead to detrimental effects for persons and society. The writers investigate many unethical writing practices, including making up data and plagiarising others' work.


The dataset contains the processed snap shots from several news channels with commercial L bands and I bands that comes during the broadcasting of news and this dataset particularly focuses on the TV commercials and advertisements in L shped form. This dataset is useful for further analysis on this domain, detecting the L shaped band from news channels and further analysis on that which will be useful for news channels any other bradcastinh channels such as sports and also it will be helpful for the advertising agencies and companies.


This is the data of an innovative microstepping motor controller with excitation angular current double-loop feedback control (ACDL), and compared with the data of a conventional stepper motor controller (OP) and angle closed-loop control (AL).


The closed form model to calculate the charge density and surface potential in an N-polar GaN/AlGaN heterostructure is presented. The proposed model is developed from the solution of Schrodinger’s equation for a finite triangular potential well. The results from our model are validated with numerical data for a wide range of bias conditions, channel layer thickness and spacer layer mole fraction. Finally, the gate capacitance of the heterostructure is evaluated using automatic differentiation and validated against experimental data.


AHT2D dataset is composed of Handwritten Arabic letters with diacritics. In this dataset, we have 28 letter classes according to the number of Arabic letters. Each class contains a multiple letter form. We have different letter images from different sources such as the internet, our writers, etc. The AHT2D dataset includes only isolated letters. In addition, this dataset contains different writing styles, orientations, colors, thicknesses, sizes, and backgrounds, which makes it a very large and rich dataset.


This research aims to identify the strategy, policy, and legal obstacles facing the implementation of E-Gov in Afghanistan from the perspective of the government employee. Accordingly, an empirical study was conducted using statistical and descriptive analysis research methods to determine the existing strategy, policy, and legal barriers.


Research cultures are crucial to fostering a culture of information sharing, cooperation, and learning in the sciences so that scientists can remain competitive and stay ahead of their rivals. Impact factors are essential metrics for evaluating the quality and significance of a journal's research. As a result, we can determine the relative value of various publications and promote a more competitive research environment.


This data package(.zip) includes data of follower robots'  motion track、errors  and velocities in five simulatd experimental cases:(1),(2): set obstacle range on 0.8m and 1.0m,2 groups;(3):  oneside situation,  and the number of follower robots rises to 5.   (4):complex environment, which we place more obstacles.   (5): change the lead-follower formation  (6),(7):two types of formation tracks, circle and straight line,compare follower1,2.


This dataport will be useful to those interested in visual design for complex physics phenomena. We have included two quantum physics data sample datasets and our empirical study results. 

(1) evaluation results from two experiments (20 participants in each and 40 in total) to empirically validate that separable bivariate pairs of large-magnitude-range vector 

magnitude representations are more efficient than integral pairs.