Continuous-time signal processing

The sensitivity of an ultrasonic transducer is an important parameter for evaluating its effective frequency band, electroacoustic conversion efficiency, and the measurement capability of the system. Determining the sensitivity of a traditional immersion or contact piezoelectric transducer has been well investigated. However, due to the high attenuation of wave propagation in air and the large acoustic impedance mismatch between the active piezoceramic material and the load medium, there are few reports on the calibration of an air-coupled piezoelectric transducer.

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    Recognition of human activities is one of the most promising research areas in artificial intelligence. This has come along with the technological advancement in sensing technologies as well as the high demand for applications that are mobile, context-aware, and real-time. We have used a smart watch (Apple iWatch) to collect sensory data for 14 ADL activities (Activities of Daily Living). 

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