IEEE DataPort is a research data platform designed to store valuable research data and make scientific data accessible to researchers around the globe.


Securely store research data indefinitely to a single trusted repository powered by Amazon Web Services.


Search, download, and analyze thousands of datasets to support reproducibility and innovation


Create a data management plan, track views and citations, and connect your research data to your articles and other work.


Invite the community to analyze your data in a data competition, contact dataset owners, and connect with your peers.

Backed by world renowned IEEE, this secure and comprehensive data platform has a robust set of services enabling users to upload datasets and access thousands of scientific datasets. Uploading a dataset helps the researcher gain exposure and citations for their research. Accessing datasets can help accelerate data-based research,  foster innovation, and support research reproducibility. Using open access options to share data with the world can help a researcher meet funding agency requirements, while utilizing the built-in data management plan tool can help a researcher secure research fundraising.

Ways to Engage

  1. Log in or Create a Free Account

    Log in with your IEEE credentials, or create a free IEEE account, in order to upload datasets and view and download Open Access Datasets.

  2. Become an Individual Subscriber

    For unlimited access to all 4,200+ IEEE DataPort datasets, sign up for an individual subscription. This subscription allows you to view, download and/or access in the cloud all datasets, store your own research data at no cost, and access data management features. Individual subscriptions are free for all IEEE Society Members who login to the platform. Want to join a society in order to get a free individual subscription?

  3. Sign Up for an Institutional Subscription

    Institutional subscriptions offer unlimited access to IEEE DataPort for every member of your organization as well as exclusive benefits such as additional storage space of up to 10 TB per dataset, custom organization-wide dashboards, private groups and collaboration features, and free Open Access Dataset uploads with premium memberships.

What Our Users are Saying

Researchers around the world use IEEE DataPort to share their research with the global scientific and technical community. See what they have to say about the platform.

"By uploading my dataset to IEEE DataPort, my research reached an audience of more than 700 in two months and I received direct feedback from some of the readers."

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Dr. Matam Manjunath, U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

"Overall, IEEE DataPort is easy to use and provides all the necessary features for uploading a scientific dataset."

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Ana-Cosmina Popes, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

"I firmly believe that the name "IEEE" enables people to remain genuine in sharing the datasets they've created for pushing the limits of research being carried out in the field of machine intelligence."

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Rabindra Lamsal, Database Systems and Artificial Intelligence Lab at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi