IEEE DataPort is a global research data platform available to individual researchers and institutions enabling them to perform critical data management functions including storing valuable research data and accessing research datasets that can be used in research.

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Backed by world renowned IEEE, this secure and comprehensive data platform has a robust set of services enabling users to upload datasets and access thousands of scientific datasets. Uploading a dataset helps the researcher gain exposure and citations for their research. Accessing datasets can help accelerate data-based research,  foster innovation, and support research reproducibility. Using open access options to share data with the world can help a researcher meet funding agency requirements, while utilizing the built-in data management plan tool can help a researcher secure research funding.

Ways to Engage

  1. Log in or Create a Free Account

    Log in with your IEEE credentials, or create a free IEEE account, in order to search/browse all 5800+ datasets on the platform, upload your own research datasets or view and download over 1000 Open Access datasets.

  2. Become an Individual Subscriber

    For unlimited access to all 5,800+ IEEE DataPort datasets, sign up for an individual subscription. This subscription allows you to view, download data files and/or access data files in the cloud for all datasets,. Individual subscriptions are very low cost for researchers (IEEE membership is not required) and free for all IEEE Society Members who login to the platform. Want to join an IEEE society in order to get a free individual subscription?

  3. Sign Up for an Institutional Subscription

    Institutional subscriptions offer unlimited access to IEEE DataPort for every member of your organization as well as exclusive benefits such as additional storage space of up to 10 TB per dataset, custom organization-wide dashboards, the ability to create private data groups and collaboration features, and free Open Access Dataset uploads with premium institutional subscriptions.

What Our Users are Saying

Researchers around the world use IEEE DataPort to share their research with the global scientific and technical community. See what they have to say about the platform.

"A benefit of IEEE DataPort is its visibility, as it is accessible to the entire IEEE community and, through the open access option, by any interested researcher."

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Francesca Meneghello, University of Padova, Italy

"As a researcher, there are many advantages to using the IEEE DataPort platform."

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Dr. Pandarasamy Arjunan, Berkeley Education Alliance for Research, Singapore

"The IEEE DataPort platform has a user-friendly design, and all portal functionality is intuitive."

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Solomiia Fedushko, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine