A full-service platform to meet your institution’s growing data needs

The research happening at universities, labs, research facilities, private and public companies, and government institutions around the world will change lives, which is why we believe institutions should not have to think twice about how to manage the large amounts of data collected by their researchers. But, simply storing data is not enough. It is equally important to have a data platform that enables sharing data with members of your research team as well as the research community at large when you’re ready.

With the unified data storage and collaboration platform provided through an IEEE DataPort Institutional Subscription, all members of your organization can store, share, access, and manage research data, accelerating research efforts at your institution.

All IEEE DataPort Institutional Subscriptions offer the following organization-wide benefits:

  • Host all your data in any format, from video, audio, and image files to CSV and TXT files
  • Leverage cloud-based storage institution wide and store up to 2TB per dataset
  • Access all datasets uploaded to IEEE DataPort worldwide to advance your research
  • Meet research funding agencies requirements for publishing and retaining open access datasets
  • Initiate data competitions to gain exposure and promote innovation

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