This is a reservoir dataset including a large number of figures. Reservoir simulation, an important part of the petroleum industry, a powerful tool helping oil companies understand the reservoir better.

In this dataset, there more than 10,000 figures are showing in different period oilfield development. From the beginning to the end, we keep some variables constant while some changes to make clear the influences of different parts.

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This study was conducted in Mayaguez – Puerto Rico, and an area of around 18 Km2 was covered, which were determined using the following classification of places:

·         Main Avenues: Wide public ways that has hospitals, vegetation, buildings, on either side

·         Open Places: Mall parking lots and public plazas

·         Streets & Roads: Dense residential and commercial areas on both sides

     Vendor             Equipment                  Description      

KEYSIGHT®      N9343C                    Handheld Spectrum Analyzer


This folder contains two csv files and one .py file. One csv file contains NIST ground PV plant data imported from This csv file has 902 days raw data consisting PV plant POA irradiance, ambient temperature, Inverter DC current, DC voltage, AC current and AC voltage. Second csv file contains user created data. The Python file imports two csv files. The Python program executes four proposed corrupt data detection methods to detect corrupt data in NIST ground PV plant data.


The paper is aimed at an investigation of the features of a tubular-linear synchronous quasi-Halbach machine (T-LSM) where the radially-magnetized PMs are substituted by four equal segments with parallel magnetization. Such a substitution is done in an attempt to improve the machine cost-effectiveness which makes it a viable candidate to equip free-piston engine-based series


A synthetic dataset supporting a submission.


The uncertainties in diesel engine parameters often result in an inaccurate model. The data describe the actual data to identify the faults using exploratory data analysis to avoid high shipping cost.


The standard for measurement of solar irradiance utilizes the units of watts per meter squared (W/m2).  Irradiance meters are both costly and limited in the ability to measure low irradiance values.  With a lower cost and higher sensitivity in low light conditions, light meters measure illuminance utilizing the unit of Lux.  A conversion factor would enable the use of light meters to evaluate PV performance under low solar irradiance conditions.  This conversion is a supplement to Luminous Efficacy that compares atmospheric light in units of lumens to solar irradiance in un


A computational efficient battery pack model with thermal consideration is essential for simulation before real-time embedded implementation. The proposed temperature-dependent battery model (LiFePO4 battery cell, ANR26650M1-B from A123 Systems) will increase the lifespan of the battery. The simulation outputs are validated by a set of independent experimental data at a different ambient temperature using the dataset collected at 5 °C, 15 °C, 25 °C, 35 °C and 45 °C.


All technologies is adapting renewable energy source to reduce pollution in the environment. Aircraft uses fuel which causes great amount of C02 emission which pollutes the environment. So to reduce the pollution caused by aircrafts,research is going on aircrafts for being converted to more electric aircrafts(MEA) or hybrid aircrafts(HEA) which will require energy storage which is light and of huge capacity. The main challenge is energy storage in aircrafts and I will be discussing about this issue in this report.


Microbial fuel cells (MFC) are one of the best sources of renewable energy but the power density achieved till now is not enough for present as well as future application purpose. Recent research gives us hope that a high amount of power density can be achieved by doing various modifications at different functional levels on the paper based MFC.