This dataset is in support of my research paper 'Comparative Non-Linear Flux Matrices & Thermal Losses in BLDC with Different Pole Pairs' .

Preprint : https://doi.org/10.36227/techrxiv.19687287.v1

BLDC motors are used in medical industry, ventillators, solar trackers, CNC servodrives, industrial robots, automotive, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned combat aerial vehicles, electric vehicles - autos, rickshaws, cars, buses etc.

This dataset is useful for investors, manufacturers, business owners, r&d engineers.

 Paper Abstract


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(1)  Zip or any folder neither contain any complete simulation project folder nor any source code of project.

 (2)  Extra Libraries created, modified , other scripts , not shared, as very elementary for any graduate,degree holder.

 (3)  For other details like parameters, experiments, mathematical formulae,motor parameters used to obtain these results etc. please refer "Research Paper".

(4)  This work has undergone revisions, loss of data many times, and many computer crashes. This will be the last version and there won't be any other improvement or corrections or re-upload.

(5)  All work is simple , on basic and elementary concepts, can be easily copied, remade and understood.

(6) The dataset has been checked by the 'Data or Code or model Inspector' before uploading.

(7)  If any problem in creating or copying, pls contact your university professor or board or any of the companies engineer.

(8)  .mat files can be converted to .csv or .xlsx or .xls, you can ask company engineer (they may even do) or you can even do yourself. Some softwares allow direct loading of .mat in their softwares.

(9) No other question or email will be replied.



 For Script uploaded on IEEE Codeocean, pls. read details given in ReadMe.txt.


Dataset Files

(1)  All the folders are zipped. Total Datasets = 143.

(2)  There are 13 zip folders  named as  

  1. Y1
  2. Y2
  3. Y3
  4. Y4
  5. Y5
  6. Y6
  7. Y7
  8. Y8
  9. Y9
  10. Y10
  11. Y11
  12. Y12
  13. Y13

(3) Y1 means 1 pole pair,  Y2 means 2 poles pair , and soon, Y13 means 13 poles pair for BLDC with wye/star, Y winding .

(4) Each of these zip folders  has 11 dataset files in .mat

  1. f is flux linkage matrix
  2. r is rotor angle matrix
  3. da, is partial derivative, ∂f/∂a  with respect to Phase A current  
  4. db, is partial derivative, ∂f/∂b  with respect to Phase B current
  5. dc, is partial derivative, ∂f/∂c  with respect to Phase C current
  6. di, is flux linkage partial derivative, ∂f/∂i  with respect to current vector
  7. dr, is flux linkage partial derivative, ∂f/∂r  with respect to the rotor angle, r 
  8. wa is temperature of winding A
  9. wb is temperature of winding B
  10. wc is temperature of winding C
  11. rt is temperature of rotor

(5)  Datasets - f,r, da,db,dc has matrices  of 5x5.

(6) For other details,please refer 'research Paper'.


How use Dataset Files

 The data can be studied and used in various ways.

 (1)  The dataset can be used by investors, manufacturers for different BLDC  motors desigining.

 (2) Manufacturers can design BLDC motors for more than 1 industry.

 (3) The motor satisfactory performance can be analyzed by just seeing dataset or authors IEEE Codeocean or Research paper , even using less engineering knowledge or with open-source softwares.

 (4)  There are many data analysis softwares - proprietary and open source softwares.

 (5)  The dataset can be loaded into proprietary softwares or trial versions of Finite element or other simulation softwares to regenerate same model  or other model or to conduct other study.

 (6)  This can be copied for degree thesis, project or phd thesis.


Paper Citing : If want to cite this in paper etc. ,please refer DoI and/or this url.

Funding: There are no funders for this submission. The  author has himself fully self-financed (for his passion). I expect all these papers, would be nice Shroud for the passion and the price paid.

Acknowledgement : The author has generated this on Linux and had even used IEEE partner- Code Ocean - Python,C, Matlab ,Cloud Workstation, Jupyter Notebook,Rstudio,stata,julia,Tensorflow, pandas,trial (evaluation) of many proprietary softwares. No paid research, personal R&D work with no support, wastage of time in self teaching,computer crashes/problems and other obstacles.Few gave trial (evaluation) sw with 2-5 months with even willing for 3-6 months further extension but didnt accepted hire contract request (the names cannot be disclosed & word of acknowledging expired in duration). No industry or academic will use their time only doing this work, even if given free unless financed or top MNC.  The author does not have any special name to be acknowledged.


This is regarding Dr. Kimotho comment. I m able to access the dataset. This is standard dataset, not open access (I think you need subscription or have to be paid subscriber to access). In case, you want to review the dataset and unable to access, pls again drop comment or email me.

'di.mat' is inside zip file.

Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Mon, 06/06/2022 - 22:19

On request, I have uploaded this data of IEEE DataPort on open access.
Pls see Mendeley Data, V1, doi: https://doi.org/10.17632/g2gytvpfpy.1
Data: Non-Linear Flux & Thermal Losses In 13 BLDC Motors
Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Fri, 05/19/2023 - 07:03

Acknowledgement : The author as such is thankful to none but obliged to his family for bearing his personal endeavours! The papers are submitted under individual and solo category, not representing anyone else. If invited or given any award, he is representing only himself, as an individual and not anyone else, not India as it is criminal by Indian laws. The author cannot, for the humiliation, harassment, and now all wrap up.

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Tue, 10/03/2023 - 13:38

Someone had raised concern "... prohibited to work ...without qualification..."

In my personal case, I am only representing only myself not anyone else, not country. As far as this is taken, it is not criminal.

I am always attaching legal acknowledgement and disclosure, (which some graduates find ...)

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Fri, 10/13/2023 - 13:42

I have stated above but some still taking for granted and if I DO NOT control, they &critics knowcan put me in non-bail jail. You not reading legal disclousure statement, and its clear from both sides as your .. x cannot pay 1/4 of the fresher with 20yr exp., and it is evident the shameless, torture behaviour and coverup with lies even in court, IT IS permanently damaged for coming 1000 years+.
In legal disclosure, I have clearly stated it is criminal by indian laws as was even questioned by registrar in 2015, how did electrical from electronics.
You shouldnot expect anything more than my paid service.

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Wed, 02/14/2024 - 12:47

Dataset Files