Remote sensing of environment research has explored the benefits of using synthetic aperture radar imagery systems for a wide range of land and marine applications since these systems are not affected by weather conditions and therefore are operable both daytime and nighttime. The design of image processing techniques for  synthetic aperture radar applications requires tests and validation on real and synthetic images. The GRSS benchmark database supports the desing and analysis of algorithms to deal with SAR and PolSAR data.

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Nobre, R. H.; Rodrigues, F. A. A.; Rosa, R.; Medeiros, F.N.; Feitosa, R., Estevão, A.A., Barros, A.S.

The distributed generation, along with the deregulation of the Smart Grid, have created a great concern on Power Quality (PQ), as it has a direct impact on utilities and customers, as well as effects on the sinusoidal signal of the power line. The a priori unknown features of the distributed energy resources (DER) introduce non-linear behaviours in loads associated to a variety of PQ disturbances.


Computer simulations are used to assess the impact of thermal insulation on the transfer of heat and moisture in the exterior walls of residential buildings. The effects of internal and external thermal insulation on a room in a terraced family house are compared using the COMSOL Multiphysics software package, evaluating the influence of the placement of expanded polystyrene thermal insulation on the distribution of heat and moisture in the external wall while monitoring the indoor air temperature during the heating and cooling regimes.


As the global aging population continues to grow, there has been a significant increase in the number of fall-related injuries among the elderly, primarily due to reduced muscle strength and balance control, especially during sit-to-stand (STS) movements. Intelligent wearable robots have the potential to provide fall prevention assistance to individuals at risk, but an accurate and timely assessment of human movement stability is essential.


Dependence of refractive index (RI) of seawater on salinity, temperature and wavelength n (S, T, λ) in infrared band is required.However, almost all the existing empirical formulas of the RI of seawater are suitable for the visible waveband (400 nm - 700 nm). There is little report on developing the RI expression of seawater in infrared band, especially the most commonly used 1200 nm - 1650 nm waveband.


CMOS-MEMS resonators seamlessly integrated in advanced integrated circuit (IC) technology have the unique capability to enable unprecedented integration of stable frequency references, acoustic spectral processors, and physical sensors. Demonstrations of transducers leveraging piezoelectric properties of emerging ferroelectric materials such as Hafnium Zirconium Oxide (HZO) and Aluminum Scandium Nitride (AlScN) enable high figure of merit (FOM = k^2Q) resonators over a wide range of frequencies.


<p>Legged robots have demonstrated high potential when dealing with rough terrain, for which an efficient motion planner becomes crucial. This paper presents a novel approach for quadrupedal robot motion planning on rough terrain, which is both conceptually straightforward and computationally efficient. Implementing the concept of workspace constitutes the cornerstone of this method: both body poses and swing-leg footholds are chosen within their corresponding workspace.


循环肿瘤细胞 (CTC) 从原发性脱落 肿瘤进入血液,介导癌症向远处器官的血源性扩散。自 定义它们的组成,我们比较了胰腺癌小鼠模型中CTCs与匹配原发肿瘤的全基因组表达谱, 使用抗性表位分离单个CTC 微流体捕获,然后是单细胞RNA 测 序。CTC 与主要 CTC 分开聚集 肿瘤和肿瘤来源的细胞系,显示低增殖特征,干细胞相关基因 Aldh1a2 富集,上皮和间充质标志物的双表型表达,以及 Igfbp5的表达,一种富集在 上皮-基质界面。鼠标以及 人胰腺CTC表现出非常高的基质衍生细胞外基质(ECM)表达 蛋白质,包括SPARC,其敲低 癌细胞抑制细胞迁移和侵袭性。CTCs对基质的异常表达 ECM基因指出它们对癌症扩散到远处的微环境信号的贡献 器官


This is a mobile user check-in dataset, including check-in time, check-in IP

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