Remote sensing of environment research has explored the benefits of using synthetic aperture radar imagery systems for a wide range of land and marine applications since these systems are not affected by weather conditions and therefore are operable both daytime and nighttime. The design of image processing techniques for  synthetic aperture radar applications requires tests and validation on real and synthetic images. The GRSS benchmark database supports the desing and analysis of algorithms to deal with SAR and PolSAR data.

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    Tue, 11/12/2019 - 10:38
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    Nobre, R. H.; Rodrigues, F. A. A.; Rosa, R.; Medeiros, F.N.; Feitosa, R., Estevão, A.A., Barros, A.S.

    The distributed generation, along with the deregulation of the Smart Grid, have created a great concern on Power Quality (PQ), as it has a direct impact on utilities and customers, as well as effects on the sinusoidal signal of the power line. The a priori unknown features of the distributed energy resources (DER) introduce non-linear behaviours in loads associated to a variety of PQ disturbances.

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    Thu, 11/08/2018 - 10:34

    This data is for a compact terahertz (THz) spectrometer SPICE model based on the unified charge control model with distributed channel resistances, capacitances and Drude inductances.

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    Thu, 01/16/2020 - 17:27

    This dataset accompanies the paper titled CHASM: A Blockchain Software design pattern. It contains results of the performance tests on two different architectures, and the accompanying analytics source code that presents their comparison.

    The .csv files are the result files. The .dta files are the stata equivalent, and the .do files are the Stata analysis files which analyses this dataset and outputs the .jpg images.

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    Tue, 01/14/2020 - 23:20

    Nextmed project is a software platform for the segmentation and visualization of medical images. It consist on a series of different automatic segmentation algorithms for different anatomical structures and  a platform for the visualization of the results as 3D models.

    This dataset contains the .obj and .nrrd files that correspond to the results of applying our automatic lung segmentation algorithm to the LIDC-IDRI dataset.

    This dataset relates to 718 of the 1012 LIDC-IDRI scans.

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    Tue, 01/14/2020 - 10:53

    This DataPort contains supporting data of paper entitled Graph Representations for programmable photonic circuits for the Journal of Lightwave Technology. All unreachable nodes for the first graph are tested in the undirected graph with arbitrary negative weight. Unphysical paths are found on all 21 nodes. These same terminal nodes are validated in a directed graph with and without artificial nodes representing the same optical port overlapping each other.

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    Sat, 01/11/2020 - 13:26

    Three well-known Boarder Gateway Anomalies (BGP) anomalies Slammer, Nimda, and Code Red I occurred in January 2003, September 2001, and July 2001, respectively. The Reseaux IP Europeens (RIPE) BGP update messages are publicly available from the Network Coordination Centre (NCC)and contain Slammer, Nimda, Code Red I, and regular data: https://www.ripe.net/analyse/. Regular data are also collected from BCNET: http://www.bc.net/.

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    Appendix II and Appendix III of the Paper 

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    we uploaded all the simulation files and illustrative example file in the submission web site, listed as below. The reviewer can check these files and find it is convenient to use them for calculation.

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    The dataset contains the stress tensor field data used to test various glyph placement strategy in the upcoming paper, at time when this dataset was uploaded - “Visualization of 3D stress tensor fields using superquadric glyphs on displacement streamlines.” The tensor field generation procedure is described in the supplementary information of the paper. Here, we provide the actual stress tensor fields that were generated for the glyph placement comparison study.

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