Using acoustic waves to estimate fluid concentration is a promising technology due to its practicality and non-intrusive aspect, especially for medical applications. The existing approaches are exclusively based on the correlation between the reflection coefficient and the concentration. However, these techniques are limited by the high sensitivity of the reflection coefficient to environmental conditions changes, even slight ones. This introduces inaccuracies that cannot be tolerated in medical applications.


Punjabi Shahmukhi Alphabet dataset for machine learning projects SMDB V2


It is a combination of statistics from various cricket information sources like cricbuzz, espncricinfo, etc. The dataset has records right from the originating year of the IPL i.e., 2008 up to the previous year 2021.


The dataset has been encoded using a manual encoding technique where certain columns have been altered based on their value type


Document layout analysis (DLA) plays an important role for identifying and classifying the different regions of digital documents in the context of Document Understanding tasks. In light of this, SciBank seeks to provide a considerable amount  of data from text (abstract, text blocks, caption, keywords, reference, section, subsection, title), tables, figures and equations (isolated equations and inline equations) of 74435 scientific articles pages. Human curators validated that these 12 regions were properly labeled.

  1. Datasheet_for_SciBank_Dataset.pdf. The Datasheet for this Dataset includes all the relevant details of the composition, collection, preprocessing, cleaning and labeling process used to construct SciBank.
  2. METADATA_FINAL.csv. Each row represent the metadata for every region according to the following fields
    1. Folder: the name of the folder within the main folder PAPER_TAR
    2. Page: png filename of the image where the region is located
    3. Height_Page, Width_Page: dimensions in pixels of the png image page
    4. CoodX, CoodY, Width, Height: coordinates of the region in pixels 
    5. Class: region label
    6. Page_in_pdf: page number within the PDF containing the page of the region
  3. PAPER_TAR folder includes the PNG images from all paper pages and the PDF papers in hierarchical subdirectories, both referenced by METADATA_FINAL.csv. 



This data set contains nifty 50 companies and all their details of Open, Volume, Close, Adj Close, and name of the company.


This dataset consists of 1878 labeled images of flowers from blackberry trees from the specie Rubus L. subgenus Rubus Watson. These are white flowers with five petals that blossom in the spring through summer. The images were collected using an Intel RealSense D435i camera inside a greenhouse.

This images were inicially collected to support a robotic autonomous pollination project.


In aeronautics, spatial disorientation (SD) is "an erroneous sense of one’s position and motion relative to the plane of the earth’s surface" (Gillingham, 1993). SD has a wide range of situations and factors, but mainly it has been studied using reduced experimental contexts such as motion detection experimentation in isolation. Because there are many SD use-cases that are studied in isolation in a reduced manner, it is difficult to develop a generalized and fundamental understanding of the occurrence of SD and viable solutions.


This data set contains the JSON report zip files for the Ransomware execution in the sandbox. Also, it contains the CSV file for the count of API calls at the time of ransomware execution.


This data set contains the JSON report zip files for the Ransomware execution in the sandbox. Also, it contains the CSV file for the count of API calls at the time of ransomware execution.


This dataset was prepared to aid in the creation of a machine learning algorithm that would classify the white blood cells in thin blood smears of juvenile Visayan warty pigs. The creation of this dataset was deemed imperative because of the limited availability of blood smear images collected from the critically endangered species on the internet. The dataset contains 3,457 images of various types of white blood cells (JPEG) with accompanying cell type labels (XLSX).