Dataset was created as part of joint efforts of two research groups from the University of Novi Sad, which were aimed towards development of vision based systems for automatic identification of insect species (in particular hoverflies) based on characteristic venation patterns in the images of the insects' wings.The set of wing images consists of high-resolution microscopic wing images of several hoverfly species. There is a total of 868 wing images of eleven selected hoverfly species from two different genera, Chrysotoxum and Melanostoma.

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    Videosupplement for the reports [Gradov et al., 2010; Adamovich et al., 2014]. For exaple, see (in open access) article Adamovich E.D. [NON-STANDARD EQUIPMENT FOR NEW BIOACUSTIC METROLOGY] // Biomedical Engineering and Electronics]. - 2017. - Issue 1. - DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.4879859 [in Russian] {URL:} .

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    It is possible to construct "aerosol cytometers" based on different types of Zhulanov's laser  aerosol counters | diffusion aerosol spectrometers (DAS) [1-8] and "hydrosol cytometers" based on hydrosol particle counters (adopted for ocean marine, ocean and hydrothermal conditions [9,10]).

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