The dataset consists of reviews for various hotels throughout the world and data columns range from Location, Trip Type to various parameters of reviewing with individual review score. The data can be preprocessed and used for various purposes ranging from review categorization, topic extraction, sentiment analysis, location based quality calculation etc. Trustworthy real world data comes handy now-a-days and is tough to get a grasp on. So this dataset will be a good contribution for the researcher community as well as professionals. 



This data set includes records of the student data, data descriptions, student demographic survey, class size from students to participated in the 10 program Personal Software Process course.

This version of the course was delivered between 1995 and 2006. 

The data was collected by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) from classes taught by SEI staff and class data submitted by authorized instructors. 



PSP_MarkingsSoftware Institute Markings designation Authors   William R. Nichols, Jr James W. Over  James D. McHale  Dan Burton  Watts Humphrey    

All data is in table form and stored as comma separated values. If redistributing, please keep all tabs, including the Markings.

Before using any of this data, it is necessary to be familiar with the PSP frameworks described in "Discipline for Software Engineering" by Watts Humphrey

The programming exercises are provided in the link  to Personal Software Process (PSP) for Engineers Version 3.2.1 Course Materials  Additional resourses are also provided in the links. We recommend contacting the first author  for review if you wish to use the data for research. 







descriptionnotesPSP_DescriptionsList of data records in each tab along with brief description PSP_Student_Assgt_Data_38340Student data records by assignmentnot all students completed all assignments,  all students were provided the same assignment packages with the exceptin that instructions for assignment 10 vaied between PSP 2.1 and PSP 3.0PSP_Student_Survey  PSP_ClassesData and size of PSP class 


Datasets contain survey data of 873 rural poor households in the states of Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.


Test synthetic population produced with WEKA 3.8.


Every year the CDC releases the country’s most detailed report on death in the United States under the National Vital Statistics Systems. This mortality dataset is a record of every death in the country for the year 2014, which includes detailed information about causes of death and the demographic background of the deceased.
It's been said that "statistics are human beings with the tears wiped off." This is especially true with this dataset. Each death record represents somebody's loved one, often connected with a lifetime of memories and sometimes tragically too short.