Exploring Educational Paths and Career Trajectories for Graduates

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El Khoury
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Charbel Obeid
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Sat, 12/09/2023 - 13:27
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This survey dataset delves into the diverse experiences and perspectives of individuals, focusing on key aspects of their educational journey and subsequent career choices. Comprising more than 60 questions or attributes,respondents were asked to share insights into their personal background, educational history, university preferences, and current professional status. The questionnaire covers a range of topics, including high school experiences, university decision-making criteria, major selection influences, and post-graduation outcomes. Additionally, the survey examines the role of familial influence, the effectiveness of school orientation, and the importance of various factors in shaping educational and career decisions. By analyzing responses to questions related to job satisfaction, career changes, and ongoing educational pursuits, this survey aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between education and career paths. The collected data will contribute valuable insights for educators, researchers, and individuals.


This survey dataset encompasses a diverse set of questions, covering respondents' demographic details, educational background, career path, and satisfaction with various aspects of their lives.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the survey questions:

    Language Preference:
        Allows respondents to choose their preferred language for survey response.

    Demographic Information:

    Hobbies and Family Background:
        Hobby selection
        Occupation of father
        Occupation of mother
        Role models within the family

    High School Information:
        High school attended
        High school degree or equivalent certificate
        Type of high school degree
        High school name
        Graduation year

    High School Subjects:
        Subjects liked best and least during high school

    University Information:
        Effectiveness of school orientation
        University/institution for the first degree
        Major for the first degree
        Languages of study at the university
        Likelihood to recommend the university to others
        Effectiveness of teaching within the major
        Rating of university tuition

    Criteria for Choosing Major/University:
        Financial criterion
        Geographical criterion
        Family pressure
        Future employment opportunities

    Financial and Work Experience during University:
        Scholarship during university studies
        Employment during university studies
        Current employment or business status

    Current Status and Career Aspirations:
        Highest level of education completed
        Current job category
        Relevance of current job to university major
        Difficulty finding current job
        Time taken to find a job after graduation
        Job search through network
        Satisfaction with current salary
        Intentions to leave current job

    Educational Pursuits:
        Current pursuit of studies
        Degree currently pursued
        Likelihood to change current university major
        Number of major changes during university studies

    Major Satisfaction and Recommendations:
        Likelihood to recommend major to others
        How well major meets needs or interests

This comprehensive survey provides insights into the respondents' educational journey, career choices, and satisfaction levels, allowing for a thorough analysis of factors influencing academic and professional decisions.


Exploring Educational Paths and Career Trajectories for Graduates

Submitted by Charbel Obeid on Sat, 12/09/2023 - 13:30