Image Fusion

We collected real crack image data to test and analyze the image-based crack detection results. We used 18 images with 1920×1080 resolution sequentially numbered from 1 to 18. And we performed labeling operation to classify the crack image into crack and background regions. online for free use. For the selection of a crack region, we applied a simple rule of extracting a crack edge and selecting the segment matching the true value. The inner region of the selected crack edge (i.e.


This dataset is a human blood smear section FPM dataset for testing the performance of colorful FPM reconstruction. The subdirectories 'R', 'G'  and 'B ' contain images corresponding to red, green and blue light with 30ms exposure time. The subdirectory 'W' contains the multiplex images with 10ms exposure time. The subdirectory 'K' contains one dark-frame for using dark-frame denoising method. The subdirectory '20X' contains high-resolution images captured with a 20X objective lens for comparison.


As a precision instrument the microscope is typically used by researchers in criminal investigation, information forensic, biology, metallography, etc. However, the traditional microscope has a dilemma that if it uses the higher magnification, its field of view will be smaller and its depth of field will be more limited. We upgraded a vision measuring system with fully automatic numerical control system as an optical microscope which is used to capture microscopic images.