Heating and melting of a porous composite with the wood flour

Citation Author(s):
Elena Aleksandrovna
Institute for Biochemical Physics (IBCP)
Submitted by:
Oleg Gradov
Last updated:
Mon, 07/08/2019 - 08:21
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Compositions on the basis of polyethylene (PE) of grade 10803-020 (Russia) were investigated. The particulate chemical gas-generating agent hydrocerol (hyd) of Hydroserol BIF brand with the starting decomposition temperature of 140°C, which is the mix of endothermic foaming agents, including sodium hydrogen carbonate, was used for creating the pore structure. The gaseous products of hydrocerol degradation are water vapor and carbon dioxide in equal proportions. It is assumed that the formed gas is distributed in the polymer melt in the form of meshes; in this case the tear of walls, fusion of meshes and formation of pores may take place.




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