Electric Utility

Our multimedia files contain the general results for all of our experiments.

Furthermore, we provide files containing the general characteristics of our test system as well as the scenarios used in our experiments.


These data are collected from a 12-bus and a 32-bus DC microgrid. The total operating cost of these two microgrids are optimized by an adaptive Differential Evolution algorithm using real-time pricing.


It gives the test results of a few typical samples to analyze the difference in the effect of moisture and aging on FDS curves.  (a) and (b) take A1 and A4 samples as examples, respectively, to show the effect of moisture on frequency domain dielectric spectra. It can be seen that the frequency-domain response curves of dielectric loss increase with increase in the moisture content for both unaged and severely aged samples, and there is a difference of nearly two orders of magnitude between dry samples and severely damped samples.


In current study, a new silicon-on-insulator (SOI) lateral-double-diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (LDMOSFET) is offered. Altering charge distribution causes less electric field crowding and enhanced breakdown voltage (VBR). For amending charge distribution, a metal region (COLUMN) and an air layer in the transistor are used.


The oil-paper insulation system in power transformers operates under the effects of high temperature and strong electromagnetic environment, and the insulation medium can slowly decompose into a number of small molecules. The decomposition gases dissolved in oil are H2, CH4, C2H6, C2H4, C2H2. When a fault occurs, the insulation breaks down more quickly and the decomposition products will be different according to the type and severity of the fault.


This dataset contains heavy-machinery data from the Brazilian industrial sector. The data was collected in a poultry feed factory located  in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its process can be summarized to creating pellets of ration for poultry from corn or soybeans and added nutrients. The factory produces at fullscale over the entire year, thus it has well-behaved usage patterns at any time. It operates from Mondays through Fridays (and occasionally on Saturdays, in case production is below the monthly target) on a daily three-turn shift from 10:00 PM to 05:00 PM.


In this paper, a novel silicon-on-insulator (SOI) lateral-double-diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (LDMOSFET) is presented. Changing charge distribution leads to lower electric field crowding and increased breakdown voltage (VBR). For modifying charge distribution, a metal region (COLUMN) and an air layer inside the transistor are utilized. On the other the floating-body effect and impact ionization generate excess holes that are amplified by the parasitic bipolar junction transistor (BJT) in SOI-LDMOSFET that degrade the transistor performance.


When heterogeneous honeycomb materials are cut using ultrasonic techniques, the ultrasonic frequency tends to vary over time, thereby degrading the quality of the machining. This variation can be addressed with a proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller; however, these controllers perform relatively poorly in fixed parameter tracking scenarios. In contrast, this paper proposes a tracking model that combines fuzzy and PID control.


propagation coefficient has many relations for cable.It is clear that there is more “rough jitter” in the spectrum of the last 500MHz than that of the first 500MHz. This is due to the additional influence produced on the spectrum by the extra capacitance introduced from the cable joint as the result of connection, which leads to distortion of the spectrum to some extent.


Research on Optimizing the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Electrical Power Systems

In this project one model the photovoltaic and wind power sources in order to analyze how to optimally integrate them in the electrical power systems. Integration requirements like transient regimes associated with fault occurrence, identification of the electrical power systems responsible for disturbances, and optimization of the integration are focus points of the research.