This dataset contains results of the 60 GHz indoor sensing measurement campaign using a bistatic OFDM radar based on 5G-specified positioning reference signals (PRSs). The data can be used for testing end-to-end indoor millimeter-wave radio positioning as well as simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms, including channel parameter estimation. Beamformed PRS with dense angular sampling in transmission and reception allows efficient capture of line-of-sight (LoS) as well as multipath components.


Wireless underground sensor networks (WUSNs) promise to deliver substantial social and economic benefits across different verticals. However, many of the relevant application scenarios are located in remote areas with no supporting infrastructure available. To address this challenge, we conceptualize in this study the underground direct-to-satellite (U-DtS) connectivity approach, implying the reception of the signals sent by the underground massive machine-type communication (mMTC) sensors by the gateways operating on the low Earth orbit satellites.


The rapid growth of interconnected IoT devices has introduced complexities in their monitoring and management. Autonomous and intelligent management systems are essential for addressing these challenges and achieving self-healing, self-configuring, and self-managing networks. Intelligent agents have emerged as a powerful solution for autonomous network design, but their dynamic and intelligent management requires processing large volumes of data for training network function agents.


In this paper, we consider that the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with attached intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRSs) play the role of flying reflectors that reflect the signal of users to the destination, and utilize the power-domain non-orthogonal multiple access (PD-NOMA) scheme in the uplink. We investigate the benefits of the UAV-IRS on the internet of things (IoT) networks that improve the freshness of collected data of the IoT devices via optimizing power, sub-carrier, and trajectory variables, as well as, the phase shift matrix elements.


Image : Image was made by me for other International Contest (held by some Medical Institute,USA in the year 2021), 'An intuitive of electromagnetic radiation flowing over epithelial tissue'.

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