Image : Image was made by me for other International Contest (held by some Medical Institute,USA in the year 2021), 'An intuitive of electromagnetic radiation flowing over epithelial tissue'.

Related Research paper and book* - 'Electro-Magnetic Radiations and Human Body : Magnetism Either Flows And Can Heal or Disable or Annihilate' and 'Observational Analysis of Common & Abnormal Electromagnetic Fields'. 

I.  Electro-Magnetic Radiations and Human Body : Magnetism Either Flows And Can Heal or Disable or Annihilate* 

Preprint  (Free download) :   

Book (Paid printed) :  

This has my in-depth scientific analysis. I have also used accepted facts by WHO, ICNIRP, IARC, NIH,medical doctors, physicists, bio-chemists, surgeons, biomedical engineers and engineers. I have claimed and proved - how elecro-magnetic radiations affect human body. I have mentioned and proved few other claims, which can be read in the book. 

II.  Observational Analysis of Common & Abnormal Electromagnetic Fields* 

Preprint :   

This paper has detailed analysis of the Common & Abnormal Electromagnetic Fields and also has the interpretation of dataset with antenna parameters.     

Related Books Used* : 

  • Novel ß Non-Linear Theory  (Preprint :   and Book:    )
  • Novel ß-Bio Models (Preprint :   and Book:    )
  • Novel ß-Bio Models (Mathematics Foundation)(Preprint :   and Book:    )

Related Research Papers*:

  •  Novel ß-Electromagnetic Equation ( PrePrint:
  • Quantum Insight on ( PrePrint:

* These are all Self-Claimed advancements, may not able to get Reviewed, so everything will be published openly for negative,extreme negative or comments. These are all based on many specializations. 


Read Me

1) This is an open access ,so everything  can be downloaded after login (free signup). You have to click on 'Title'.

2) Data is divided into 3 - experimental data , simulation EM data and simulation humanbody-EMF data

3) Experimental data is collected using magnetic sensor, mobile applet.

4) Data which was  earlier uploaded in 2021 under this same DOI  'Electro-Magnetic Radiations and Human Body' is explained in ' Experimental Dataset’.  That data is as it is. Neither earlier  data is removed nor it is modified, it is as it was earlier submitted. No additions are even done. 5g was launched as trial in some areas,by a pvt. company, news can be located for it.I m not here for legal debate, otherwise it would be published in different way. This is study paper.

5) Simulation EM dataset is made using software and zip folder do not contain any  project code. But Models made by me are novel, I will upload them after Patent is granted and all models can then be downloaded freely with cheatsheet. To download models, ß-Bio Models-Part I and ß-Bio Models-Part II.

6) Extra Libraries created, modified, other scripts, not shared, as very elementary for any graduate,degree holder,school student so only results given in the dataset.

7) For  details like model block diagram, parameters, analysis, interpretation, mathematical formulae used to obtain these results etc. please refer "Research Paper".

8) Radiation patterns & EMF Values-  If you expecting the patterns & emf values, easy to understand or decode, but they cannot easily interpreted. For this, pls. refer either textbook or research paper.

9) All operating frequency ranges are not mentioned for each 2G,3G,4G,5G,6G. For complete operating frequencies, pls refer your country or search on net. For other details, pls see Research paper.

10)  .mat files can be converted to .csv or .xlsx or .xls, you can ask company engineer (they may even do) or you can even do yourself. Some softwares allow direct loading of .mat in their softwares. If you are non-technical, then pls do not waste time on softwares as you will not be able to interpret them but colored plots can be seen. I will tabulate them in the book with analysis and interpretation, which can be downloaded in preprint as free.

11)  All work is simple , on basic and elementary concepts, can be easily copied, remade and understood.

(12) The dataset has been checked by the 'Data or Code or model Inspector' before uploading.

(13) Simulation Datasets: Formulae used to derive datasets(simulation EM data ) are not made by me and the technique is also not made by me but widely used by engineers, manufacturers and standard agencies. But the datasets (simulation humanbody-EMF data), models have been proposed by me and their validily is explained in the Preprint.

14) If any problem in creating or copying, pls contact your university professor or board or any of the companies engineer.

15) As such, No other question or email will be replied. I may have left completely R&D or other reason. But you may still question, if i will be in this field, I may answer.


I. Experimental Dataset

Physical Sensor Specifications 

  • Physical Magnetic Sensor(hardware)

                  Resolution of the sensor is 0.0976 uT    &   Maximum Range of the sensor : 3000.0044 uT

  • Physical orientation and angular velocity  Sensor  (hardware)

                Resolution of the sensor is 0.0012216975 rad/s  &   Maximum Range of the sensor : 34.90549 rad/s

  •  Physical Proximity Sensor (hardware)

                    Resolution of the sensor : 1.0 cm    &   Maximum Range of the sensor : 5.0 cm

  •  Physical Gravity Sensor (hardware)

                    Resolution of the sensor :  0.01 m/s2  & Maximum Range of the sensor :156.98999 m/s2

 Dataset 2021 

 Area: Delhi,NCR,India , Total Datasets = 25

1) The folder 'ExperimentalRecording_2021.zip ' has 17 recordings of Magnetic fields in the year 2021 measured using  Magnetic Sensor,  mobile app(software) and mobile phone

  • 1.mp4, 2.mp4,3.mp4, 4.mp4,5.mp4,6.mp4,7.mp4,9.mp4,10.mp4,11.mp4,12.mp4,13.mp4,
  • 14.mp4,15.mp4,16.mp4,17.mp4,2021-06-27-09-32-38.mp4
  • 327uT at 0:19/00:20   .   At 0:19/0:20 of the recording, 327 uT reading
  • 11uT at 0:04/0:05     .  At 0:04/0:05 of the recording, 11 uT reading
  • 479uT at 0:42/0:44  .  At  0:42/0:44  of the recording, 479 uT reading
  •  5gproof.zip has screenshots from mobile of wifi detection    (5g was launched as trial in some areas,by a pvt. company, news can be located for it.I m not here for legal debate, otherwise it would be published in diff. way. This is study paper.)
  • 5gproof.zip has 8 screenshots- 5g_1.jpg,5g_2.jpg,5g_3.jpg,5g_4.jpg,5g_5.jpg,5g_6.jpg,5g_7.jpg,5g_8.jpg

Experimental Result   -   Lowest Recorded Reading : 11 uT

Highest Recorded Reading : 479 uT

Around 300 uT was measured anywhere, if nearby has 5G equipment ( fluctuates to 50 uT then 111, then 200 , 286,  ...) .   More details in paper.

Reading of 479 was measured, as few people were feeling unwell and when I checked, it was 420 uT, stationary and fluctuating to it around but that is not recorded.   So after some time, this was recorded.

 But later, this reading went to below 200 uT ? And even from 30 uT to 150 uT ,  how come


 Dataset 2022

 Area: Delhi,NCR,India ,  Total Datasets = 4

2) The folder 'ExperimentalRecording_2022.zip ' has 4 recordings of Magnetic fields in the year 2022 measured using  Magnetic Sensor,  mobile app(software) and mobile phone

  • 2022-04-24-09-41-20.mp4 is of 24 April 2022, See Corona cases, rising, reading which was 29uT to 150uT is 243.95 uT.
  • 2022-08-03-08-34-07.mp4 is of 3 Aug 2022 at 8:34 am IST, highest 379.33 uT at 0:04.
  • Record_2022-08-03-23-58-11.mp4 is of 3 aug 2022, at 11:58pm IST at other location highest at 388.47uT at 0:00-0:01
  • Record_2022-11-10-22-55-59 is of 10 Nov. 2022 at 10:55pm, highest 398.03 at 0:00 (uploaded as reading was going at times higher at 400+ on other days for few seconds).


II.  Simulation EM Dataset

1)  2G : Data on operating frequency ranges  (pls see pt. 9)

  • 2G_800 is CDMA 800MHz or 0.8 GHz
  • 2G_900 is GSM 900MHZ or 0.9 GHz

2) 3G  : Data on operating frequency ranges  (pls see pt. 9)

  • 3G_1900 is 1900  MHz or 1.9 GHz
  • 3G_2100 is 2100 MHz or 2.1 GHz

 The number of Antennas for 2G and 3G = 1 and the antenna geometry is of Sector Antenna with 7 stacked dipoles. The radiation pattern is known to manufacturers and the electric and magnetic fields are measured at a distance of 1 m (0.000621371 miles or 100 cm) to 50 km (31.06856 miles), from single antenna at 43 distances. And Mobile towers have even 6 such antennas. Pls, read pt. 13. One antenna is not considered effective for such a long distance but for analysis, I have done at this distance. 

3) The 43 distances at which the Electric and magnetic fields of a single antenna are measured are given in  43_distances.pdf. Distances are given in  meters, miles and kilometers from 1 m (0.000621371 miles or 100 cm) to 50 km (31.06856 miles).

4) 2G_800.zip,2G_900.zip has 173 datasets each, with 4 plots in each. 1 plot is colored radiation pattern.Total datasets in these are 346. List of datasets is in 2G_800.pdf and 2G_900.pdf.

5) 3G_1900.zip,3G_2100.zip has 174 datasets each, with plots in each. 1 plot is colored radiation pattern.Total datasets in these are 348. List of datasets is in 3G_1900.pdf and 3G_2100.pdf.

6) 3G_Downlink.zip and 3G_uplink.zip has 2 datasets each, in total 4 datasets. These are just waveforms not related with measurement of electric,magnetic fields but needed by me for Research Papers.

7) For 4G,the antenna is MIMO Antenna, number of MIMO Antennas = 1  but it is 2-Input and operating frequency range  (pls see pt. 9, 10) chosen is 2400 MHz or 2.4 GHz and 2600 MHz or 2.6 GHz. 134 Datasets in each of  2input_MIMO_2400MHz.zip and  2input_MIMO_2600MHz.zip.  The Electric and magnetic fields are measured at 1 m upto 50 km. List of datasets is in 4G_MIMO.pdf. Total Datasets  = 268.

8) For Home or Office Wireless WI-FI Router Modem, WiFi Antenna, operating frequecies are at 700 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz. The electric and magnetic fields are at a minimum from 1 cm 

  • HomeOffice_WiFi_700.zip, at 700 MHz
  • HomeOffice_WiFi_2400.zip, at 2.4 GHz
  • HomeOffice_WiFi_5000.zip, at 5 GHz

  The number of Antennas = 1 and the antenna geometry is of dipole helical The radiation pattern is known to manufacturers and the electric and magnetic fields are measured at a distance of 1 cm to 10 km (0.0621371 miles), from single antenna at 98 distances. Pls, read pt. 13. and pt. 10. One antenna is not considered effective for such a long distance but for analysis, I have done at this distance. 

9)  The list of 98 distances for Home or Office Wireless WI-FI Router Modem, WiFi Antenna, is in 98_distances.pdf

10) Each of HomeOffice_WiFi_700.zip,HomeOffice_WiFi_2400.zip, and HomeOffice_WiFi_5000.zip has 258 datasets.Total datasets = 774. List of datasets is in HomeOffice_WiFi.pdf. 

11)  5G_Downlink.zip and 5G_uplink.zip has 


4) Low/Mid 5G FR1 : Data on operating frequency ranges  (pls see pt. 9)

  • 5G_3300 is 3300 MHz or 3.3 GHz
  • 5G_5200  is 5200 MHz or 5.2 GHz
  • 5G_6200  is 6200 MHz or 6.2 GHz

Here 5G_3500 is n78 C-Band but 5G_6200 is TDD, n96, n102  UNII defined by  US FCC. For details, pls refer Research paper.

5) High 5G  FR2 : Data on operating frequency ranges  (pls see pt. 9)

  • 5G_26000  is 26000 MHz or 26 GHz
  • 5G_39000  is 39000 MHz or 39 GHz
  • 5G_47000 is 47000 MHz or 47 GHz

6) 6G : Data on operating frequency ranges  (pls see pt. 9)

  • 6G_90000  is 90,000 MHz or 90 GHz
  • 6G_150000 is 150 GHz
  • 6G_220000 is 220 GHz
  • 6G_500000 is 500 GHz
  • 6G_750000 is  750 GHz
  • 6G_1100000 is 1100 GHz, that is, 1.1 Terahertz (THz)


 III. Simulation humanbody-EMF Data

The simulation data result related to electromagneic fields on the models made by me, For   Pls refer Data:B-Bio Models-1, and Data:B-Bio Models-2. 



The data can be studied and used in various ways.

(1)  The values given in the dataset or in the Research paper can be used for different prototypes desigining.

(2)  As the dataset has radiation patterns, electro-magnetic fields data, for various variants, it saves industries , prototyping R&D costs. So, more than 1 industry  can use these values and design product and implement in practice.

(3) Electromagnetic fields and emissions are known. The dataset can be used by energy audit companies, manufacturers, R&D engineers,telecom,nuclear,defence, military, law enforcement,mob control, police etc.

(4)  The dataset can be loaded into proprietary softwares or trial versions of Finite element or other simulation softwares to regenerate same model  or other model or to conduct other study.

(5) The collective graph of the complete dataset in each experiment is also given. For finer analysis, the dataset can be used to see details at much shorter interval.

(6) The dataset can be loaded in software to record or see the animation/video. The videos will show the emissions and spectra are over that frequency range.

(7) One particular frequency or some frequencies can be copied for degree thesis, project or phd thesis. 


Paper Citing : If want to cite this in paper etc. ,please refer DoI and/or this url.

Funding: There are no funders for this submission. The  author has himself fully self-financed (for his passion).I expect all these papers, would be nice Shroud for the passion and the price paid.

Acknowlegement :  The author as such thankful to none and does not have any special name to be acknowledged.



Submitted by Sebastiano Tommasi on Thu, 04/21/2022 - 09:31

prova means test and prove
(i) If you mean Testing , Do you mean, test of 5G, looks so but then there is something else possible ? These readings were at the time of lockdown and near lockdown time. Initially i did not took because I thought professors (would be knowing it) or their paid students would be doing so because such institutes always look for paper publication and even such students paper gets very easily published whether garbage or plagiarized.
Even I wrote to someone, that ICMR should see this and what ICMR seeing is not this , that but I didn' t mentioned exactly test up etc.
After some readings, I stopped taking readings as readings were same whether hospital or govt office or police station or court or market, and I could not properly take as Police used to be deployed and they ask. But i also noticed something one more thing, that i kept to put in paper. I needed proper Govt or court support, funding or on hire also but companies are never interested in such R&D. I would had wanted this to go through court process but I did not filed in Court. I already have many problems, involved in personal matters.

(ii) It is ridiculous many so called experts have minimal understanding with phd or pg degree on subjects and these are made to decide whether to publish paper or not. It has also become so much annoying, where to publish without apc etc. and keep doing formatting, wasting time in waiting, then formatting. And if I leave formatting somewhere, the childish remark,because no proper format. Even I had worked (which they dont know) but I never did like this way.

(iii) if you mean Prove the connection, that is in Paper, mentioned in 'Readme' point (4). The details, cannot be furnished here. It would definitely become preprint but publication I doubt where.

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Thu, 04/21/2022 - 10:37

24 April 2022, See Corona cases, rising, reading which was 29uT to 150uT is 243.95 uT

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Sun, 04/24/2022 - 00:25

One of the reason for not getting published, I noticed, they demanding more explanation. I have missed out simple explanation, which will take more pages, which means $ to publisher and also it will form series, which again means reject. In 4 pages, 8 pages, I cannot explain, 100 pages theory. There is also misunderstanding References missing, but that is only my work, I have proposed it, that is my work not copied, may be paper to be reformatted but it will increase fee publication paper length.

Even in my earlier reply, I can add 20 lines! And if I write, then I again get criticism.

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Sun, 04/24/2022 - 07:59

I have uploaded some datasets during Contest phase, I m not sure if these can be also considered an entry for International Contest but this entry should also be considered. I can close with the uploaded datasets only but been an open-access dataset, I may also update or add data in future (if I remain in R&D or switch to non-R&D permanently but as a part-time independent researcher).

Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Wed, 11/30/2022 - 13:41

I will not as such submit any other dataset as left R&D.

Only 2 mentioned papers left, will be submitted .
Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Sun, 12/18/2022 - 13:31

I have left R&D, so as such wont submit anything else. I may or may not re-write 2 papers/books but it may take year or 20-30 years or never. Also world will change. I may submit or never.

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Mon, 02/06/2023 - 09:26

Patents not yet filed and won't be filed. Related claims may be submitted in few months or in 20-30 years or never.
Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Fri, 03/17/2023 - 06:20