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The steganography and steganalysis of audio, especially compressed audio, have drawn increasing attention in recent years, and various algorithms are proposed. However, there is no standard public dataset for us to verify the efficiency of each proposed algorithm. Therefore, to promote the study field, we construct a dataset including 33038 stereo WAV audio clips with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and duration of 10s. And, all audio files are from the Internet through data crawling, which is for a better simulation of a real detection environment.

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    This dataset collection contains eleven datasets used in Locally Linear Embedding and fMRI feature selection in psychiatric classification.

    The datasets given in the Links section are reduced subsets of those contained in their respective tar files (a consequence of Mendeley Data's 10GB limitation).

    The Linked datasets (not the tar files) contain just the MATLAB file and the resting state image (or block-design fMRI for the MRN dataset), where appropriate.

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    This paper presents a road vehicle recognition and classification approach for intelligent transportation systems. This approach uses a roadside installed low cost magnetometer and associated data collection system. The system measures the magnetic field changing, detects passing vehicles and recognizes vehicle types.

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    This code was used in some previous our articles, such as:

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    See .doc-fie in the attachement.

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    Design of novel RF front-end hardware architectures and their associated measurement algorithms.Research objectives, includes:RO1: Novel architecture based upon Adaptive Wavelet Band-pass Sampling (AWBS) of RF Analog-to-Information Conversion (AIC).RO2: Integration of AWBS for increasing the wideband sensing capabilities of real-time spectrum analyzers by using AICs.RO3: Propose online calibration methods and algorithms for front-end hardware non-idealities compensation.RO4: Design a hardware prototype aimed to perform real-time spectrum sensing with 1 GHz real-time bandwidth.

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    Co-cultures are a traditional method for studying the cellular properties of cell to cell interactions among different cell types. How network properties in these multicellular synthetic systems vary from monocultures are of particular interest. Understanding the changes in the functional output of these in vitro spiking neural networks can provide new insights into in vivo systems and how to develop biological system models that better reflect physiological conditions - something of paramount importance to the progress of synthetic biology.

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    Violin melody clips expressing happiness, sadness, threat, excitement, and neutrality. Both electric and acoustic violin.

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    We provide results of "Robust Visual Tracking Based on Adaptive Extraction and Enhancement of Correlation Filter" on OTB2015 dataset, including the results of proposed tracker with HOG, HOGCN, and deep CNN features.

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    For a detailed describtion of this dataset see accompanying publication "Stand-alone Heartbeat Detection in Multidimensional Mechanocardiograms" by Kaisti M., et al. IEEE Sensors 2018, 10.1109/JSEN.2018.2874706. This datasets consists of 29 mechanocardiogram recordings with ECG reference from healthy subjects in supine position. All data were recorded with sensors attached to the sternum using double-sided tape. Mechanocardigrams incude 3-axis accelorometer signals (seismocardiograms) and 3-axis gyroscope signals (gyrocardiograms).

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