Signal Processing

These datasets are gathered from an array of six gas sensors to be used for the odor recognition system. The sensors those used to create the data set are; Df-NH3, MQ-136, MQ-135, MQ-8, MQ-4, and MQ-2.



odors of different 10 samples are taken from these six sensors 

1- Natural Air

2- Fresh Onion

3- Fresh Garlic

4- Fresh Lemon

5- Tomato

6- Petrol

7- Gasoline

8- Coffee 1,2

9- Orange

10- Colonia Perfume 



The present contribution consists of two files. The first one (measurements_25GHz_11planes.mat) contains a series of measurements of the scattered electric field using two two-dimensional objects made of aluminum foil as targets. The dataset consists of S21 paramenter measurements, captured with a VNA at a frequency of 25 GHz. The field was sampled in 11 planes located at different distances from the plane containing the objects under test.


The capabilities of the millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum to fulfill the ultra high data rate demands of V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications necessitates the need for accurate channel modeling to facilitate the efficient development of next-generation network and device design strategies. Ergo, this work describes the design of a novel fully autonomous robotic beam-steering platform, equipped with a custom broadband sliding correlator channel sounder, for 28GHz V2X propagation modeling activities on the NSF POWDER experimental testbed.


Researchers have widely used commercial and alternative measurement systems in impedance-based structural health monitoring (SHM), where a piezoelectric transducer attached to the monitored structure is excited while its electrical impedance is measured. However, the literature lacks sufficient attention to the required number of cycles of the excitation signal, an issue frequently overlooked by researchers.


As the field of human-computer interaction continues to evolve, there is a growing need for new methods of gesture recognition that can be used in a variety of applications, from gaming and entertainment to healthcare and robotics. While traditional methods of gesture recognition rely on cameras or other optical sensors, these systems can be limited by factors such as lighting conditions and occlusions.


The dataset collected for the whole Quran; 114 sura (6236 ayah) recited by 35 Reciters (approximately 218000 audio files), downloaded from this website, the audio files downloaded in mp3 format, all the downloaded files based on the Hafs from A’asim narration, the dataset figure shows reciters names who participate in this dataset.



PV Solar Power System Under Partial Shading Irradiance Conditions

Operation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) array connected to a variable DC source to plot the l-V and P-V characteristics under partial shading irradiance conditions.


Raw datasets of PDA10A receiver signals acquired with MSO2024 oscilloscope for Time Difference of Arrival Optical Wireless Positioning measurements.
The data is stored in csv, numpy and pickle format to be easily imported and processed in Python.
The first dataset consists of measurements on a grid without reflections.
The second dataset are identical measurements but with a corner geometry at the fourth receiver creating diffuse reflections.


Manual palpation of organs played a vital role in detecting abnormalities in open surgeries. However, surgeons
have lost this ability with the development of minimally invasive surgeries. This challenge led to the development of artificial sensors for palpating the patient's organs and tissue. The majority of research done is related to improving the measurement of tissue compliance by the development of versatile force sensors for surgical


The Excel file contains samples of a laboratory-generated noisy voltage signal with a dc component under nonideal sampling.

This test signal is generated in a laboratory for assessing power frequency estimation algorithms.

The first column represents the sample time.

The second column represents the voltage signal samples.

The reference fundamental frequency is 46 Hz.

The nominal voltage amplitude is 10 V.

The actual sampling rate varies in the range of 9.99834~10.01027 kHz.