Models shared only for humanitarian purposes, Can be used by Clinical Doctors or Pharmacologists or Researchers under License CC-BY. Make sure you have read Caution.

I have shown in video and in papers, these giving results as per clinical textbooks & expect these to be useful, particularly when computer has to diagnose or to make medicine or machine/therapy.

Following Models are submitted in this Part-1. Models are given below but research papers can be freely downloaded by clicking on title

  1. Novel ß-Bio Model of Cell
  2. Novel ß-Bio Model of Tissue
  3. Novel ß-Bio Model of Artery
  4. Novel ß-Bio Model of Vein
  5. Novel ß-Bio Model of mRNA Vaccine
  6. Novel ß-Bio Model of Vaccine
  7. Novel ß-Bio Model of Pathogen
  8. Novel ß-Bio Model of Disease
  9. Novel ß-Bio Model of Cancer
  10. Novel ß-Bio Model of Tumour
  11. Novel ß-Bio Model of Circulatory System 
  12. Novel ß-Bio Model of Respiratory System 
  13. Novel ß-Bio Model of Human Ear 
  14. Novel ß-Bio Model of Kidney
  15. Novel ß-Bio Model of CNS Spinal Cord
  16. Novel ß Bio-Electro-Magnetic Radiations Model
  17. Novel ß-Bio Model of Medicine

These in depth theory, foundation of these ß-models, building blocks, libraries, fundamental theories (made by me only) is explained in books written by me, so that huge dataset, models, all can be comprehensible to doctors, professors, researchers.

I. Related Research Papers* :

Following Preprints can be freely downloaded, pls. click on title

  • Investigating Myocardial Infarction using Novel ß-Bio Model of Heart 
  • Investigation Cancereous using Novel ß-Bio Model of Cancer
  • Investigation Tumor using Novel ß-Bio Model of Tumor
  • Investigating Capillary-Alveoli Infectious or Damaged Lungs using Novel ß-Bio Model of Lungs


II. Related Books* :

Following Preprints can be freely downloaded, pls. click on title

 1. Novel ß-Bio Models (ß-Bio-Unified Foundation)

  • Novel ß-Bio Models : ß-Bio-Unified Foundation, Volume 1
  • Novel ß-Bio Models : ß-Bio-Unified Foundation, Volume 2
  • Novel ß-Bio Models : ß-Bio-Unified Foundation, Volume 3

2. Novel ß-Non-Linear Theory

3. YouTube Videos Link

III.  International Colored Editions (Paperback, Paid)

 1. Collection of Above Papers 

  • My Research Papers Memoirs Volume


IV. International Colored Editions (HardCover, Paid)



V. Few Nations Colored Editions (Paperback, Paid)





                                                     Caution !!!  

 All demos are proof of concept only and are not clinically tested!  

Though the design of Novel ß- bio models is meant for real life-critical  practical scenarios only, involving either human subjects or animals, these are never been clinically tested on humans nor by any doctor or any medical or any review board.  The author is not responsible if the algorithm is misunderstood or all this is copied without understanding or improperly implemented and mishappening due to it. The author is not responsible if the copied values cause mishappening. But I have shown in video and in papers, these give results as per clinical textbooks & expected these to be useful, particularly when computer has to diagnose or to make medicine or machine/therapy.

These are all Self-Claimed advancements, may not able to get Reviewed, so everything is published openly for negative,extreme negative or comments. These are all based on many specializations in engg.,bio-chemistry, clinical, quantum physics, bio-mathematics and biophysics, which can have improved model. 

I have submitted as it is. For what I do not claim , Pls. read Free Book, model details and Free model simulation files.

License Attribution : CC-BY

Anyone can share, reuse, remix, or adapt this material for any purpose, providing the original author is credited and cited.


Related Patent : Novel ß-Diagnostic Health Care System Based on ß-Bio Models (Patent not filed

Read Me

1) This is an open access, so everything  can be downloaded completely free after login (free signup). You have to click on 'Title'.

2)  These are divided in Two Parts - Part-I and Part-II. As ß-Bio models are proposed by me, I have shared these models completely.

3) These models has been made by me, in order to help Clinical Doctors or Pharmacologists or Researchers. I am as such not for medical research but feedback/ comments from clinical medical doctors, pharmacologists, scientific community, propaganda people or anyone  can be given.

4) The ß-Bio models are made after going through clinical textbooks, and some published research papers but mostly clinical textbooks (mentioned in the book, bibliography).

5)  Models/Papers can be checked by experts. But if they ask reference, they dont understand -I have claimed this as originality, Mywork,My proposition, how can it has reference but elementary and all books etc mentioned.  Ridiculous expecting 100-200 pages theory in 8 pages,4 pages, then demand more explanation, which is already in textbooks when they themselves are professors.

6) There is possibilty of making improved model & there are enough smart people who can make.

7) For details like analysis, interpretation, parameters, why named ß-model, validity of model, formulae and attachments explanation used to make these models and for model interpretation, please refer Research papers/book.

8)  In case of modifying script, pls use cheatsheets but I, the original author must be credited and cited.

9) Full GUI application software can be easily made in few hours,by any degree holder. It is only copy and paste. Pls use 'CheatSheets' but I, the original author must be credited and cited. If any difficulty, pls contact company engineer or professor or any student.

10)  All work is simple , on basic and elementary concepts, can be easily copied, remade and understood. Any Novice or not having medical background can also learn easily from my books.

11) Videos are tour of the ß-Bio models and are the proof of the results/claims submitted in the Research papers. Videos are uploaded on YouTube and can also be opened directly from the 'Research Paper'. 




14) If any problem in understanding, creating or copying, pls contact your university professor or board or any of the companies engineer.

 As such, No other question or email will be replied. I may have left completely R&D or other reason. But you may still question, if i will be in this field, I may answer. I had closed free services. Fees apply for work. Pls read Orcid Profile before sending email. 


1. Attachments

  1. System_Requirements.pdf  (Common for Part I,II)
  2. Models_Libraries_Installation.pdf (Common for Part I,II)
  3. ModelVersions.pdf (Common for Part I,II)
  4. Cheatsheets_Part1.pdf
  5. Models_Part1.pdf
  6. InstallationVideo.pdf
  7. InstallationVideos


  1. System_Requirements.pdf
  2. Models_Libraries_Installation.pdf has Models Libraries installation instructions.
  3. ModelVersions.pdf  is the list of supported versions. Earliest version support given is 2014.
  4. Cheatsheets_Part1.pdf is the list of all cheatsheets  in this 'Data:B-Bio Models-1'. These cheat sheets are functions, useful for transferring to other sofwares or making GUI or converting to open-source.
  5. InstallationVideo.pdf
  6. InstallationVideos Link


2. Novel B-Bio Model of Cell (B_BioModel_Cell.zip)

 Attachment B_BioModel_Cell.zip has following 

  1. B_ModelM.zip is the model and has model versions
  2. B_ModelC.zip
  3. B_Modelcheatsheets.zip
  4. Validity_Testing1.zip
  5. Validity_Testing2.zip
  6. Validity_Testing3.zip
  7. Videos.pdf 
  8. Videos Link 


3. Novel B-Bio Model of 






Funding: There are no funders for this submission.The  author has himself fully self-financed (with only objective to help) as otherwise it is only wastage of his time. I expect all these papers, would be nice Shroud for the passion and the price paid.

Acknowlegement :  The author as such thankful to none and does not have any special name to be acknowledged. 


This is regarding emails. The model is incomplete and under construction.
All the variables, method and other details will be explained in 2 or 3 volumes. Each volume approx 150-200 pages.
Wherever papers or Books or Memoirs will get published, I will mention here.

I had registered at your US Gov. TX website but haven't filled 6-12 pages approval form. So, I could not download Govt authorized data.

I m also involved in personal works and other matters, so will take time.

Hope, its clear now.

Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Fri, 03/25/2022 - 02:00

Clarification : US Gov. TX website (exact Institute name not revealed here as it is big name but it is gov. agency) .

For publication, some Journals have mandatory requirement of clinical testing and other mandatory experimental tests. All will be left here for open access, for copy paste, modify and to be used by any as their prodigy claim. Nor, I will want to do after submission.

I m not bounded to work on these, but hope something will be submitted here.
Paper Publication i dont know, may be published outside IEEE. IEEE has given this platform, so used.

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Mon, 03/28/2022 - 14:30

This is incomplete work and much work is lost, need to be re-written.
I will also have to re-organise it but published due to my earlier comments.
Till when it will get completed, i dont know.
Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Fri, 02/03/2023 - 09:46

I have left R&D, so as such wont submit anything else. I may or may not re-write papers/books but it may take year or 20-30 years or never. Also world will change. I may submit or never.

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Mon, 02/06/2023 - 09:27