Sensor Fusion

Human arm motion data including forearm, upper-arm, and scapula link IMU modules beside SLAM reference position measurements compared to VICON as ground trouth.


Data used for evaluation of the Chameleon system. We use it to evaluate capabilities of sensor fusion system that is able to adapot to multiple envrionemnts and monitor activity states within a room. The data set is divided by the two deployments and includes inforamtion for both of the sensors used to test the system. We include two weeks worth of data along with training and testing accuracy results. 


Data are collected on a 5m×10msized test bed, which is set up at Kadir Has University,Istanbul. Wireless access points are located around the corners of the testbed and markers are placed at every 45 cm. RSSI measurements done on the grid shown in Figure are stored via NetSurveyor program running on a Lenovo IdeapadFLEX 4 laptop, which has an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC8260 Wi-Fi adaptor.At each measurement point, RSSI data are collected for1 min with a sampling interval of 250 ms.