Network Address Translation (NAT), which is present in almost all routers and CPEs, maps private IP addresses to routable or public IP addresses. This feature has advantages such as reuse of private IP addresses but also has disadvantages such as creating “Shadow IT” where network admins do not have knowledge of all devices on their network. This dataset contains network traffic that is double-NATed thus replicating the scenario of shadow IT in an enterprise context.


We present a novel, low-cost telerehabilitation system dedicated for bimanual training. The system captures the user’s movements with a Microsoft Kinect sensor and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). Herein, we deposit data we collected on a single, healthy subject who interacted with our system as described in our manuscript.





These data are complementary to the paper: " New Proposed Overcurrent Relay Coordinationfor Microgrid Protection"



Data for the 36- and the 334-node test systems used for the integrated expansion planning problem of transmission and distribution systems.


Vietnam Yellow Cattle plays an important role in beef production in developing countries. This kind of cows can adapt with monsoon-influenced tropical climate of Vietnam. Their body weights are range from 180 to 300 kg. Up to now, there is no work concerned to classify the behaviors of Vietnam yellow cows in order to improve the breeding efficiency. Raw acceleration data were collected from the cows on April 02-11, 2020 on a farm in Ngoc Nhi Village, Cam Lanh Commune, Ba Vi District, Hanoi City, Vietnam. The area of this camp is 3.5 hectares, and the cows are free to move around.


We took advantage of the prototype to compare the performances of an LwM2M device management protocol implementation and FIWARE’s Ultralight 2.0. In addition to demonstrating the viability of the proposed approach, the obtained results point to mixed advantages/disadvantages of one protocol over the other.


This repository introduces a novel dataset for the classification of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients and Healthy Controls. The Exasens dataset includes demographic information on 4 groups of saliva samples (COPD-HC-Asthma-Infected) collected in the frame of a joint research project, Exasens (, at the Research Center Borstel, BioMaterialBank Nord (Borstel, Germany).



Definition of 4 sample groups included within the Exasens dataset:

(I) Outpatients and hospitalized patients with COPD without acute respiratory infection (COPD).

(II) Outpatients and hospitalized patients with asthma without acute respiratory infections (Asthma).

(III) Patients with respiratory infections, but without COPD or asthma (Infected).

(IV) Healthy controls without COPD, asthma, or any respiratory infection (HC).

Attribute Information:

1- Diagnosis (COPD-HC-Asthma-Infected)

2- ID

3- Age

4- Gender (1=male, 0=female)

5- Smoking Status (1=Non-smoker, 2=Ex-smoker, 3=Active-smoker)

6- Saliva Permittivity:

a) Imaginary part (Min(Δ)=Absolute minimum value, Avg.(Δ)=Average)

b) Real part (Min(Δ)=Absolute minimum value, Avg.(Δ)=Average)

In case of using the introduced Exasens dataset or the proposed classification methods, please cite the following papers:

  • P. S. Zarrin, N. Roeckendorf and C. Wenger., "In-vitro Classification of Saliva Samples of COPD Patients and Healthy Controls Using Machine Learning Tools," in IEEE Access, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3023971.

  • Soltani Zarrin, P.; Ibne Jamal, F.; Roeckendorf, N.; Wenger, C. Development of a Portable Dielectric Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Viscosity Variations and Its In Vitro Evaluations Using Saliva Samples of COPD Patients and Healthy Control. Healthcare 2019, 7, 11.

  • Soltani Zarrin, P.; Jamal, F.I.; Guha, S.; Wessel, J.; Kissinger, D.; Wenger, C. Design and Fabrication of a BiCMOS Dielectric Sensor for Viscosity Measurements: A Possible Solution for Early Detection of COPD. Biosensors 2018, 8, 78.

  • P.S. Zarrin and C. Wenger. Pattern Recognition for COPD Diagnostics Using an Artificial Neural Network and Its Potential Integration on Hardware-based Neuromorphic Platforms. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Vol. 11731, pp. 284-288, 2019.


The dataset consists of subjective evaluations of 44 naive observers judging the visual complexity of 16 images. The subjective judgments were done using a 5-point Likert-type scale with a neutral midpoint. The items in the scale were “very complex,” “complex,” “medium,” “simple,” and “very simple.” The order of the images was randomized for every participant.


Data for 24-node and 54-node test networks for reliability-oriented distribution expansion planning applications.


This dataset contains the catalogs of equipment used to build the following synthetic distribution systems using RNM-US.a) Greensboro (GSO) Synthetic System V0.2b) San Francisco Bay Area (SFO) Synthetic System V0.8The synthetic distribution system has been built using the U.S. Reference Network Model (RNM-US), and it includes the low voltage system, distribution transformers, medium voltage system, primary substations, sub-transmission system and transmission substations.The output synthetic distribution systems are available in the following repositories.[1]    “DR POWER.” [Online].