Grade Sheet With Elective Course

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Akshayarekha S
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Tue, 05/12/2020 - 01:42
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In this paper, we present a collaborative recommend system that recommends elective courses for students based on similarities of student’s grades obtained in the last semester. The proposed system employs data mining techniques to discover patterns between grades. Consequently, we have noticed that clustering students into similar groups by performing clustering. The data set is processed for clustering in such a way that it produces optimal number of clusters. After the clustering process it is subjected to collaborative filtering model to give out the recommendation of the elective subjects.The produces result is a recommendation given to the student despite his selection of the elective course previously.



  • The dataset contains 12 attributes.
       Rollnumber-1 attribute(100nos)
       Subjects with grades-10(range-7, S being the highest and E lowest, U means Fail)
        Elective courses-1
  • The dataset shall be viewed with a perspective of a student who has already selected a elective course.The recommendation given is addtional.
  • The values of the grades has nothing to do with the recommendation. It is only seen as a variable for comparison between any number of students.


Thanks for the dataset, it made my work lot more easier

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