Electric field

Image : Image was made by me for other International Contest (held by some Medical Institute,USA in the year 2021), 'An intuitive of electromagnetic radiation flowing over epithelial tissue'.

Related Research paper and book* - 'Electro-Magnetic Radiations and Human Body : Magnetism Either Flows And Can Heal or Disable or Annihilate' and 'Observational Analysis of Common & Abnormal Electromagnetic Fields'. 


The geomagnetic disturbances caused during the solar storms create large-scale geo-magnetically induced currents (GICs) in long conductors at the Earth's surface. The GIC might cause hazard to the electrical transmission lines located at the vicinity of ocean. The unique physics behind this phenomena lies at the sharp contrast in the electrical conductivity between ocean and continent. Though analytical methods were used previously to study electromagnetic fields at ocean-continent boundaries, those were only limited for highly simplified geometries and sinusoidal sources.