Image : Image was made by me for other International Contest (held by some Medical Institute,USA in the year 2021), 'An intuitive of electromagnetic radiation flowing over epithelial tissue'.

Related Research paper and book* - 'Electro-Magnetic Radiations and Human Body : Magnetism Either Flows And Can Heal or Disable or Annihilate' and 'Observational Analysis of Common & Abnormal Electromagnetic Fields'. 


An energy harvester for a smart contact lens that monitors the glucose level of a user is developed and demonstrated. The energy harvester captures a smartphone’s 2G cellular emission, and rectifies it into DC power to operate on-lens microelectronics for glucose detection and wireless data transmission. The energy harvester can reach a maximum Ra- dio Frequency (RF) to Direct Current (DC) power conversion efficiency of 47%. An electrically realistic human eye model is designed and fabricated using 3D printing technologies to assist in various measurements of the proposed energy harvester.