Data: Fifteen 255W Panels Connected Li-Ion

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Abhishek Bansal
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Fri, 11/18/2022 - 07:27
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This dataset is used to design patent.  The system is basic , as can be seen from figure.

There is related dataset- Data: 255W Panel Connected 72Ah Li-Ion.

This new datasets are needed to show that I know how to make simulation and the dataset of 'Data: 255W Panel Connected 72Ah Li-Ion' is not fake. 

The boost converter, BMS is on existing designs.It is very simple for any graduate,degree holder or school students, so no paper is written for it.

The simulation is run for 2-3 hrs. 

Related Patent :  Novel ß 10-Axis Grid Compatible Multi-Controller




Solar Panel rating  255W,Tier 1 solar panel

Number of Solar Panels :  15

Batery 72 AH 37V ,Li- ion, Battery Parameters same as 



Input  Power : 3 - 4 kW

Output power : 3- 5 kW 


Dataset Files

 Total Datasets =  14.

  1. batcharge.mat
  2. batcurrent.mat
  3. batdischarge.mat
  4. batiso.mat
  5. batvoltage.mat
  6. bms_synchronousMOSFET.mat
  7. indbms_mos.mat
  8. irradiance.mat
  9. MPPT_inductor.mat
  10. mppt.mat 
  11. outputvoltage.mat
  12. solarcurrent.mat
  13. solarpower.mat
  14. solarvoltage.mat


1)batcharge.mat is the battery charging current.

2) batcurrent.mat is the battery current.

3) batdischarge.mat is the battery discharging current.

4) batiso.mat is the dataset when the battery is fully charged and isolated.

5) batvoltage.mat is the data of battery voltage with load connected and battery discharges.

6) bms_synchronousMOSFET.mat  is the data from the BMS controller. The data is of MOSFET which is used instead of diode as synchronous MOSFET.

7) indbms_mos.mat is the DC-DC boost MOSFET

8) irradiance.mat is the irradiance.

9) MPPT_inductor.mat is the boost DC-DC inductor.

10) mppt.mat is the dataset when the MPPT modes gets on or off.

11) outputvoltage.mat is the output voltage with the load connected.

12) solarcurrent.mat is the solar panel current.

13) solarpower.mat is the solar panel collected power.

14) solarvoltage.mat is the solar panel voltage.


How use Dataset Files

 The data can be studied and used in various ways. 

(1)  The values given in the dataset or in the Research paper can be used by manufacturers, R&D engineers,battery manufacturers etc.

(2)  The dataset and Research paper can be used to design more variants.

(3) The dataset and Research paper can be used for study using less engineering knowledge or with open-source softwares.

(4)  There are many data analysis softwares - proprietary and open source softwares.

(5)  The dataset can be loaded into proprietary softwares or trial versions of Finite element or other simulation softwares to regenerate same model  or other model or to conduct other study.

(6) Author has used this data to make novelty in his patent.


Funding: There are no funders for this submission. The author has himself fully self-financed (for his passion). I expect all these papers, would be nice Shroud for the passion and the price paid.

Acknowlegement :  The author as such thankful to none and does not have any special name to be acknowledged.


The dataset is uploaded with purpose to show that I know how to run simulation and understand. The dataset has as such no value, except battery bank is of lithium ion and parameters are of lithium ion.

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Mon, 11/14/2022 - 22:43

This entry is for International Contest(Category:Individual,Solo), the datasets have been uploaded only during the contest time period.
This DOI entry is complete. If I make new prototype or do simulation, it will be in another DOI/dataset.
Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Wed, 11/23/2022 - 13:25

Patents not yet filed and won't be filed. Related claims may be submitted in few months or in 20-30 years or never.
Abhishek Bansal

Submitted by Abhishek Bansal on Fri, 03/17/2023 - 06:21