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Health degradation issues in automotive power electronics converter systems (PECs) arise due to repetitive thermomechanical stress experienced during real-world vehicle operation. This stress, caused by heat generated during semiconductor operation within PECs, leads to the degradation of semiconductor's operating life. Estimating the power semiconductor junction temperature (Tj) is crucial for assessing semiconductor degradation in operation. Although physics-of-failure-based models can estimate Tj, they require substantial computational power.


Database of the times the device remained in each state (idle, low power mode, transmitting and listening, respectively), number of hops, hop distance (d), transmission rate (_R) and size of the packet sent (_Nb), measured on the Tmote Sky device using an Aloha Puro protocol with RDC implemented in the Contiki operating system.


Data were collected through the Twitter API, focusing on specific vocabulary related to wildfires, hashtags commonly used during the Tubbs Fire, and terms and hashtags related to mental health, well-being, and physical symptoms associated with smoke and wildfire exposure. We focused exclusively on the period from October 8 to October 31, aligning precisely with the duration of the Tubbs Fire. The final dataset available for analysis consists of 90,759 tweets.


The dataset tracks the performance of eight stock market indices, from six countries. The indices are: IPC, S\&P 500, DAX, DJIA, FTSE, N225, NDX, and CAC. The time period is from the 1st of June 2006 to the 31st of May 2023.The index and the FX data are sourced from Yahoo Finance, and the rest of the variables are retrieved from the OECD.


Gas monitoring plays a crucial role in our intelligent societies. Thus we build those stepwise-collected data for gas concentration modeling in dynamic setting which can boost training data collection. First column is time, you have 8 columns for different sensors, including GM402B, GM702B, GM512B, GM302B, MICS5914, MICS5914, MICS4514, and MICS4514. The remaining 3 columns is recorded as the flow rate, which the flow rate of methane and the oxygen-nitrogen mixture is read as L/min, while hydrogen is read as mL/min.


As the harmful effects of climate change on human society increase, the analysis of abnormal weather is becoming an important issue. Therefore, this work provides the Korean weather dataset, including the anomaly score measurements by using seven different methods. In this dataset, seven types of weather data for each day in 64 Korean cities from 2010 to 2020 are provided by Weather Radar Center in Korea Meteorological Administration.


The GPS track data comes from the open datasets provided by Open ITS Open Alliance, and two open datasets provided by this organization are used in the experiment. The GPS track dataset1 was collected from the experimental road near Zhongshan University in Guangzhou, China, and dataset2 is located in the north-central region of Dongguan, China. The original GPS data contains several sampling frequencies (time intervals), from 10s - 360s. The city road network data used in the experiment is derived from the wiki map of the open-source project OSM.


Chengdu is one of the largest cities in southwest China and the capital city of Sichuan Province. With a large population and huge transportation needs, public transportation is of vital importance to this city. After years of construction and development, Chengdu's public transportation system has formed a modern multi-level and multi-modal transportation network including buses, subways, railways and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit System). The construction and operation of these transportation systems have provided Chengdu citizens with convenient and fast travel modes.


Preventing heatstroke is of utmost importance as it poses a significant threat to life and can lead to severe health complications and even death. Heatstroke occurs when the body's internal temperature reaches hazardous levels, typically due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures or intense physical activity in hot weather. Recognizable symptoms of heatstroke encompass confusion, rapid heartbeat, accelerated breathing, seizures, and loss of consciousness. Moreover, projections suggest a 260% surge in mortality rates attributed to heat-related incidents by the 2050s.

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In this study, BT-CFO based multiferroic composite were synthesized using solid state method by adding different compositions (i.e. 5%, 10% & 15%) of Cobalt Ferrite (CFO) in Barium Titanate (BT). XRD pattern showed sharp peaks of BT and CFO exhibiting crystalline nature of composite. The morphological structure was determined using FESEM, which also confirmed a uniform grain size distribution. Dielectric study was done by varying the temperature at a certain frequency value.