S&P 500 index of monthly data of bull/bear markets

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    Consumer complaints are added to this public database after the company has responded to the complaint, confirming a commercial relationship with the consumer, or after they've had the complaint for 15 calendar days, whichever comes first. We don’t verify all the facts alleged in complaints, but we do give companies the opportunity to publicly respond to complaints by selecting responses from a pre-populated list. Company-level information should be considered in the context of company size and/or market share.

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    The data contains BTC Blockchain ledger of 100M, from February 3, 2009 to April 25, 2011. It also includes analysis results of the ledger: 10 characteristic indicators and 2 money laundering models.

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    Spectroreflectometric techniques for dactiloscopy and optical nail diagnostics are proposed and aproved on "DATACOLOR 3890"-based measuring system.

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    The Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS) produces national estimates of total annual sales, e-commerce sales, end-of-year inventories, inventory-to-sales ratios, purchases, total operating expenses, inventories held outside the United States, gross margins, and end-of-year accounts receivable for retail businesses and annual sales and e-commerce sales for accommodation and food service firms located in the U.S.

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