Smart Buildings

This dataset is associated with TODOS: Thermal sensOr Data-driven Occupancy Estimation System for Smart Buildings. It is a novel system for estimating occupancy in intelligent buildings, TODOS uses a low-cost, low-power thermal sensor array along with a passive infrared sensor. We introduce a novel data processing pipeline that allows us to automatically extract features from the thermal images using an artificial neural network. Through an extensive experimental evaluation, we show that TODOS provides occupancy detection accuracy of 98% to 100% under different scenarios.



The dataset contains temperature measurements taken with an 8x8 infrared array (Panasonic Grid-EYE) over a period of three weeks during 2018 in Bucharest, Romania, in an educational facility.


More than 40% of energy resources are consumed in the residential buildings, and most of the energy is used for heating. Improving the energy efficiency of residential buildings is an urgent problem. The collected data is intended to study a dependence of the dynamics heat energy supply from outside temperature and houses characteristics, such as walls material, year of construction, floors amount, etc. This study will support the development of methods for comparing thermal characteristics of residential buildings and carry out recommendations for the energy efficiency increases.