Image Segmentation

This dataset provides digital images and videos of surface ice conditions were collected from two Alberta rivers - North Saskatchewan River and Peace River - in the 2016-2017 winter seasons.

Images from North Saskatchewan River were collected using both Reconyx PC800 Hyperfire Professional game cameras mounted on two bridges in Edmonton as well as a Blade Chroma UAV equipped with a CGO3 4K camera at the Genesee boat launch.

Data for the Peace River was collected using only the UAV at the Dunvegan Bridge boat launch and Shaftesbury Ferry crossing.

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    Segmentation of ultrasound (US) images of cervical muscles is required for visualisation, analysis of deep, muscle structure and function, and monitoring of patient specific treatment protocols. The lack of publicly available labelled data, benchmark methods and results, hinders development of this domain. Here, we contribute a labelled dataset of 1,100 US images of the human posterior cervical muscles during head motion, from 28 healthy adults (19 male, mean 31.4, s.d.

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