This dataset contains in-silico results of insulin treatment using a fully automated artificial pancreas algorithm based on reinforcement learning for FDA-approved virtual patients (C. D. Man et al., 2014) with type 1 diabetes (10 adults and 10 adolescents). 

  • Artificial Intelligence
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    This is the datasheet for the examined  30-unit test system including 14 DG (indexed from 1 to 14), 4 IG (indexed from 15 to 18), 4 FD (indexed from 19 to 22), 4 ID (indexed from 23 to 26) and 4 ES units (indexed from 27 to 30), and the datasheet for the plug-and-play test system with 4 new plugged in DER including 2 DG (indexed from 31 to 32) and 2 FD (indexed from 33 to 34) .

  • Power and Energy
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    This dataset shows the amount of water used by a company in southern China from 2016 to 2017.

  • Discrete-time signal processing
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    The uncertainties in diesel engine parameters often result in an inaccurate model. The data describe the actual data to identify the faults using exploratory data analysis to avoid high shipping cost.

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    The standard for measurement of solar irradiance utilizes the units of watts per meter squared (W/m2).  Irradiance meters are both costly and limited in the ability to measure low irradiance values.  With a lower cost and higher sensitivity in low light conditions, light meters measure illuminance utilizing the unit of Lux.  A conversion factor would enable the use of light meters to evaluate PV performance under low solar irradiance conditions.  This conversion is a supplement to Luminous Efficacy that compares atmospheric light in units of lumens to solar irradiance in un

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    Motor point identification is pivotal to elicit comfortable and sustained muscle contraction through functional electrical stimulation. To this purpose, anatomical charts and manual search techniques are used to extract subject-specific stimulation profile. Such information being heterogenous they lack standardization and reproducibility. To address these limitations; we aim to identify, localize, and characterize the motor points of forearm muscles across nine healthy subjects.

  • Biomedical and Health Sciences
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    This dataset details the raw data obtained from simulation experiments of heritage tourism. It details several parameter sweeps and experiments done to characterise an agent-based model created for the purpose of exploring the role of communication strategies and topology in determining the transformation of cultural systems.

  • Social Sciences
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    The data is obtained from electrocardiography, using flexible electrode, Ag/AgCl electrode and Metal Clamp electrode of a femal subject, age 22 years old.

  • Sensors
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    Experiments are conducted on a polishing industrial robot using the CompuGauge robot performance analysis system. The aim of this experiment is to explore the influences of link dimension errors and joint torsional angle errors on the positional accuracy reliability for single coordinate, single point, multipoint and trajectory accuracy of industrial robots.

  • Standards Research Data
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    The compressed file contains:

    • Data files in spreadsheet format from three different networks (friendship, companionship and acquaintances).
    • Analysis files from UCINET, Pajek, Cytoscape and Gephi.

    It is thus possible to corroborate the results mentioned in different studies that refer to these data.

  • Computational Intelligence
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