The integrated power grid in USA is the largest in the world with the highest hourly power demand. In 2019, the highest hourly demand was more than 704 GW and the lowest hourly demand was less than 340 GW. The average daily variation in hourly demand is about 40% with respect to the highest hourly demand. A mathematical model is used to reduce the differential between peak and off-peak electrical power demand in this territory. The reduction is achieved with 5 time zones set up across US 48 states such that time difference between Far East and Far west is 4 hours.

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    An accurate analysis of fluid–structure interaction (FSI) at compliant arteries via ultrasound (US) imaging and numerical modeling is a limitation of several studies. In this study, we propose a deep learning-based boundary detection and compensation (DL-BDC) technique that can segment vessel boundaries by harnessing the convolutional neural network and wall motion compensation in near-wall flow dynamics. The segmentation performance of the technique is evaluated through numerical simulations with synthetic US images and in vitro experiments.

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    This dataset contains the actual sensor and calculated process variables in a winder station in a paper mill. Several Process variables change in time with the change of the rewind diameter. I provided the process data for two sets, in future I will add more data. Advanced time series forcasting techniques can be used to estimate many process variables considering the rewind diameter as the time axis.

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    These datasets contain the whitened data of the COST2100 channel model and consist of eight XLSX files namely: Indo_BI_LOS_Sing_white, Indo_B2_LOS_Sing_white, SemiUr_B1_LOS_Mult_white, SemiUr_B1_LOS_Sing_white, SemiUr_B1_NLOS_Sing_white, SemiUr_B2_LOS_Mult_white, SemiUr_B2_LOS_Sing_white, and SemiUr_B2_NLOS_Sing_white. Each XLSX file consists of 30 sheets. All the sheets contain different number of rows but the same number of columns.

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    This data is associated to an optimization model for generation expansion planning considering energy-based and power-based formulations. The data contains the information used in the case studies related to demand and renewable time series, as well as the technical characteristic of generation and storage units.

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    These tables provide proof of the authenticity and reliability of the article.

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    The database was created with records of psychosocial risk level colombian teachers school using physiological variables from May 2016 to December 2017 in five municipalities of a metropolitan area of city in Colombia. The application of physiological variables was made to the people who voluntarily participated in the study. The names and personal data were kept by the researcher.

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    10,000 rows of sample data in four formats (CSV, JSON, XML, XLSX) for testing. Fields are as follows: seq, first, last, age, street, city, state, zip, dollar, pick, date, latitude, longitude, birthday, ccnumber, dollar, ccnumber, phone, email, sentence, paragraph

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    Co-cultures are a traditional method for studying the cellular properties of cell to cell interactions among different cell types. How network properties in these multicellular synthetic systems vary from monocultures are of particular interest. Understanding the changes in the functional output of these in vitro spiking neural networks can provide new insights into in vivo systems and how to develop biological system models that better reflect physiological conditions - something of paramount importance to the progress of synthetic biology.

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    Reliability paremeters for UHVDC

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