Solar power generation

The dataset is supplementary material for the research article 'Techno-economic assessment of grid-level battery energy storage supporting distributed photovoltaic power' published in IEEE Access in October 2021. The dataset corresponds to the annual timeseries at 1-minute resolution (525,600 steps) of the per-unit profiles used for the electric load and the per-unit power output of 8 PV systems.


This dataset contains (1) the Simulink model of a three-phase photovoltaic power system with passive anti-islanding protections like over/under current (OUC), over/under voltage (OUV), over/under frequency (OUF), rate of change of frequency (ROCOF), and dc-link voltage and (2) the results in the voltage source converter and the point of common coupling of the photovoltaic system during islanding operation mode and detection times of analyzed anti-islanding methods.