sign language

The dataset contains medical signs of the sign language including different modalities of color frames, depth frames, infrared frames, body index frames, mapped color body on depth scale, and 2D/3D skeleton information in color and depth scales and camera space. The language level of the signs is mostly Word and 55 signs are performed by 16 persons two times (55x16x2=1760 performance in total).


The databases include arrays of alphabets and numbers, ["Ka Gyi" "Ka Kway" "Ga Nge" "Ga Gyi" "Nga" "Sa Lone" "Sa Lane" "0" '0' "Nya" "Ta Talin Jade" "Hta Won Bell" "Dain Yin Gouk" "Dain Yin Hmote" "Na Gyi" "Ta Won Bu" "Hta Sin Htoo" "Da Dway" "Da Out Chike" "Na Nge" "Pa Sout" "Pha Oo Htote" "Ba Htet Chike" "Ba Gone" "Ma" "Ya Pa Lat" "Ya Gout" "La" "Wa" "Tha" "Ha" "La Gyi" "Ah" '0' '1' '2' '3' '4' '5' '6' '7' '8' '9' "10"]. The symbols are recorded as gestures of palm by the MIIT research team and recorded audio file also for each number and alphabet.


Our Signing in the Wild dataset consists of various videos harvested from YouTube containing people signing in various sign languages and doing so in diverse settings, environments, under complex signer and camera motion, and even group signing. This dataset is intended to be used for sign language detection.