DiSPLaY Multimodal MedSLset (Medical Sign Language Set)

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Khodapanah Aghdam
Seyed Hamid
Seyed Ali
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MohammadReza Riahi
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Thu, 07/16/2020 - 10:23
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The dataset contains medical signs of the sign language including different modalities of color frames, depth frames, infrared frames, body index frames, mapped color body on depth scale, and 2D/3D skeleton information in color and depth scales and camera space. The language level of the signs is mostly Word and 55 signs are performed by 16 persons two times (55x16x2=1760 performance in total). The signs include: Age, Alcohol poisoning, Anxiety, Appendicitis, Asthma spray, Audiogram, Audiometry, Blood pressure, Brain stroke, Can, Cannot, Cerebral hemorrhage, Chest, Chronic disease, Cold, Cough, Deaf, Depression, Diabetes, Fever, Future, Hand Prickle, Hand tendon rupture, Have, Have not, Headache, Hearing impaired, Heart attack, Injection of ampoules, Kidney stone, Lungs, Medical consultation, Medical prescription, Medical records, Medical scheduling, Mumps, Needle, Now, Past, Poisoning, Psychosis, Respiratory infection, Semi-hearing ( Half-hearing), Sicken, Stable (Steady), Stomach, Surgery, Today, Tomorrow, Tonsillitis, Toothache, Vaccinate, Vomit, Year, Yesterday. 



The signs are collected at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, and show local gestures. The SignCol software (code: https://github.com/mohaEs/SignCol , paper: https://doi.org/10.1109/ICSESS.2018.8663952 ) is used for defining the signs and also connecting to Microsoft Kinect v2 for collecting the multimodal data, including frames and skeletons. Two demonstration videos of the signs are available at youtube: vomit: https://youtu.be/yl6Tq7J9CH4 , asthma spray: https://youtu.be/PQf8p_YNYfo . Demonstration videos of the SignCol are also available at https://youtu.be/_dgcK-HPAak and https://youtu.be/yMjQ1VYWbII .

The dataset contains 13 zip files totally: One zipfile contains readme, sample codes and data (Sample_AND_Codes.zip), the next zip file contains sample videos (Sample_Videos.zip) and other 11 zip files contain 5 signs in each (e.g. Signs(11-15).zip). For quick start, consider the Sample_AND_Codes.zip.

Each performed gesture is located in a directory named in Sign_X_Performer_Y_Z format which shows the Xth sign performed by the Yth person at the Znd iteration (X=[1,...,55], Y=[1,...,16], Z=[1,2]). The actual names of the signs are listed in the file: table_signs.csv.

Each directory includes 7 subdirectories:

1.      Times: time information of frames saved in CSV file.

2.      Color Frames: RGB frames saved in 8 bits *.jpg format with the size of 1920x1080.

3.      Infrared Frames: Infrared frames saved in 8 bits *.jpg format with the size of 512x424.

4.      Depth Frames: Depth frames saved in 8 bits *.jpg format with the size of 512x424.

5.      Body Index Frames: Body Index frames scaled in depth saved in 8 bits *.jpg format with the size of 512x424.

6.      Body Skels data: For each frame, there is a CSV file containing 25 rows according to 25 joints of body and columns for specifying the joint type, locations and space environments. Each joint location is saved in three spaces, 3D camera space, 2D depth space (image) and 2D color space (image). The 21 joints are visible in this dataset.

7.      Color Body Frames: frames of RGB Body scaled in depth frame saved in 8 bits *.jpg format with the size of 512x424.


Frames are saved as a set of numbered images and the MATLAB script PrReadFrames_AND_CreateVideo.m shows how to read frames and also how to create videos, if is required.

The 21 visible joints are Spine Base, Spine Mid, Neck, Head, Shoulder Left, Elbow Left, Wrist Left, Hand Left, Shoulder Right, Elbow Right, Wrist Right, Hand Right, Hip Left, Knee Left, Hip Right, Knee Right, Spine Shoulder, Hand TipLeft, Thumb Left, Hand Tip Right, Thumb Right. The MATLAB script PrReadSkels_AND_CreateVideo.m shows an example of reading joint’s informtaion, fliping them and drawing the skeleton on depth and color scale.

The updated information about the dataset and corresponding paper are available at GitHub repository MedSLset.

Terms and conditions for the use of dataset: 

1- This dataset is released for academic research purposes only.

2- Please cite both the paper and dataset if you found this data useful for your research. You can find the references and bibtex at MedSLset.

3- You must not distribute the dataset or any parts of it to others. 

4- The dataset just inclues image, text and video files and is scanned via malware protection softwares. You accept full responsibility for your use of the dataset. This data comes with no warranty or guarantee of any kind, and you accept full liability.

5- You will treat people appearing in this data with respect and dignity.

6- You will not try to identify and recognize the persons in the dataset.


The metadata is submitted. The files will be attached soon.

Submitted by MohammadReza Riahi on Mon, 07/13/2020 - 12:41

Hello sir/madam,
can you send the names of each signs in order.

Submitted by Aiswarya M S on Mon, 11/13/2023 - 03:26

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