The Transport-level pAcket RouTing ANalysis Tool for Cloud-native Applications (TARTAN) Dataset contains TARTAN/HiPerConTracer Traceroute runs between an endpoint in Oslo, Norway and the public Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN, and Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN, mirror we


This data set was generated and used in determining the workability of a homemade Intelligent IoT Weather Station Using an Embedded System.


Network traffic analysis, i.e. the umbrella of procedures for distilling information from network traffic, represents the enabler for highly-valuable profiling information, other than being the workhorse for several key network management tasks. While it is currently being revolutionized in its nature by the rising share of traffic generated by mobile and hand-held devices, existing design solutions are mainly evaluated on private traffic traces, and only a few public datasets are available, thus clearly limiting repeatability and further advances on the topic.


IEEE Big Data is proud to announce the next competition in our series of Data Analytics & Visualization Competitions. It will be held at IEEE COMPSAC 2017, 4-8 July 2017 in Torino, Italy, and is open to all attendees of the conference.

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