Industry 4.0

The dataset contains motion capture data of the human hand of 20 healthy subjects acquired using two different motion capture technology (wearable IMU and camera-based). This database provides an opportunity to expand the fields of research involving the hands or their range of mobility. Indeed, using this database to train AI's net to recognise gestures/tasks is an excellent beginning point for expanding the field of human-robot collaboration.


This data set contains data collected from an overhead crane ( OPC UA server when driving an L-shaped path with different loads (0kg, 120kg, 500kg, and 1000kg). Each driving cycle was driven with an anti-sway system activated and deactivated. Each driving cycle consisted of repeating five times the process of lifting the weight, driving from point A to point B along with the path, lowering the weight, lifting the weight, driving back to point A, and lowering the weight.


A Indústria enfrenta desafios graves e fracassa sem competitividade. Atacando esta problemática, conferiu-se o oferecimento de maior eficiência a processos industriais para promover a produtividade, elevar a qualidade e impulsionar mudanças. A solução desenvolvida incluiu dispositivos com sensores não invasivos, simples de instalar, que contabilizam os itens sendo transportados em linhas de produção.