Embedded Systems

A specially designed waist-worn device with accelerometer, gyroscope, and pressure sensor was utilized to collect information about 18 ADLs and 16 fall types. The falls protocol has been performed in our lab to replicate realistic situations that typically affect workers and older people. In contrast to other datasets that are accessible to the public, we included a new task in the falls, syncope, since it has a high mortality rate among the elderly and is linked to falls. As such, we must take it into account and include it in our fall detection system.


The growth of the use of the Linux operating system in embedded systems projects brings to the spotlight essential questions about the capabilities of this operating system in real-time systems, in particular, soft real-time systems. In this context, the quantitative analysis of Linux-based embedded systems is the focus of this paper, which includes the evaluation of the latency time, jitter, and worst-case response time.


This data set was generated and used in determining the workability of a homemade Intelligent IoT Weather Station Using an Embedded System.