Electric Vehicles

These measurements were taken at the point of common coupling using the power quality analyzer PQ-Box 200, where about 30 EV chargers are installed and exploited by the utility. For this reason, this data set only considers the charging behavior of the vehicles employed by the enterprise, namely the Renault Kangoo ZE and Renault Zoe. The period under consideration starts on 5.11.2018 and ends on 07.01.2020. Because of the large amount of data, values with a time interval of 10mins are extracted and used in this data set.


An efficient artificial scenerio generator for EV load simulation modeling has been developed acquiring probabilistic method for characterizing the stochastic nature of EVs and generate the schedule of EVs charging to ultimately achieve the EV load profile for impact study of EVs on distribution network. Model has been tested under different settings and by generating different scenarios to make it  viable, realistic and adaptable to any defined characteristics.


This dataset is in support of my research paper 'ElectroMagnetic Fields in Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles '.

Preprint :

This is useful for industries, manufacturers,doctors,environmentalists, who are curious to see and know.


Dataset consists of various open GIS data from the Netherlands as Population Cores, Neighbhourhoods, Land Use, Neighbourhoods, Energy Atlas, OpenStreetMaps, openchargemap and charging stations. The data was transformed for buffers with 350m around each charging stations. The response variable is binary popularity of a charging pool.


The files in this dataset each contain vectors Time, PEDAL, SPEED, ACCEL, VOLTAGE and CURRENT related to an Electric Vehicle travelling on one of four different roads, mostly in urban areas.  Data is obtained from the CAN bus of the vehicle (a Zhidou ZD model ZD2) resampled in order to obtain a single time coordinate and stored in the dataset.