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Though the uploaded data is true,designed for the real practical scenarios only, technical familiarity is a must as it involves risks associated with handling high voltages, electrical shock, fire hazard , personal injury and/or property damage etc. The author is not responsible if the algorithm is misunderstood or all this is copied without understanding or improperly implemented and mishappening due to it. The values though analyzed but still do not guarantee anything.The author is not responsible if the copied values cause mishappening.



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(1)  Zip or any folder neither contain any complete project folder nor any source code of project.

 (2) Extra Libraries created, modified , other scripts , not shared, as very elementary for any graduate,degree holder.

(3) All work is simple , on basic and elementary concepts, can be easily copied, remade and understood.

(4)  For other details like block/circuit diagram, set up, analysis, interpretation, parameters,  experiments, mathematical formulae used to obtain these results etc. please refer "Research Paper".

(5)  This work has undergone revisions, loss of data many times,  and many computer crashes. This will be the last version and there won't be any other improvement or corrections or re-upload.

(6)  The dataset has been checked by the 'Data or Code or model Inspector' before uploading.

(7)  If any problem in creating or copying, pls contact your university professor or board or any of the companies engineer.

(8) No other question or email will be replied.

(9)  Make sure you have read Caution .


Dataset Files

 Total Datasets =  14 .

  1. D1.mat
  2. D2.mat
  3. D3.mat
  4. D4.mat
  5. fsw.mat
  6. g1.mat
  7. g2.mat
  8. ip.mat
  9. is.mat
  10. outputvoltage.mat 
  11. Q1.mat
  12. Q2.mat
  13. Q3.mat
  14. Q4.mat


1) D1 has diode 1 current  and diode 1 voltage

2)  D2 has diode 2 current  and diode 2 voltage

3)  D3 has diode 3 current  and diode 3 voltage

4)  D4 has diode 4 current  and diode 4 voltage

5) fsw is the variable switching frequency as the switching frequency is not fixed.

6) g1 is the gate drive for MOSFETs Q1 and Q4.

7) g2 is the gate drive for MOSFETs Q2 and Q3.

8) ip is the primary current measurement to the CLLLC tank

9) 'is'  is the secondary current measurement at the end of CLLLC tank

10) outputvoltage is the output voltage with battery connected.

11) Q1 is the data of measurement of MOSFET Q1.

12) Q2 is the data of  measurement of MOSFET Q2

13) Q or Q3 is the data of  measurement of MOSFET Q3

14) Q4 is the data of measurement of MOSFET Q4



Paper Citing : If want to cite this in paper etc. ,please refer DoI and/or this url.

Funding: There are no funders for this submission. The  author has himself fully self-financed (for his passion). I expect all these papers, would be nice Shroud for the passion and the price paid.

Acknowlegement :  The author as such thankful to none and does not have any special name to be acknowledged.


I will re-upload data. Due to computer crash and other obstacles, it is taking time.

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The dataset has been uploaded. This is the last version & there will be no change in the datasets.

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This entry is for International Contest(Category:Individual,Solo), the datasets have been uploaded only during the contest time period.
Only Preprint page links will get updated in Dec. 2022 ( I have removed them as weblinks not functional).
This DOI entry is complete. If I make new prototype or do simulation, it will be in another DOI/dataset.
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I m not completing research paper, the earlier version got lost in computer crash.
I will not re-write or submit paper as left R&D.
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Dataset Files