Improving performance and safety conditions on industrial sites remains a key element of the company's strategy. The major challenges require, the ability to dynamically locate people and goods on the site. Security and regulation of access to areas with different characteristics (types of tasks, level of risk or confidentiality...) are often ensured by doors or badge barriers. These means have several weaknesses when faced with inappropriate movements of people, but also an inappropriate use of objects or tools.


Dataset of each position of person.

We provide two modalities :

-A motion capture system called Mocap with an millimetric accuracy -An Ultra Wide Band system (The MDEK1001 from Decawave) with a centimeter accuracy.

The dataset is composed of two '.zip' :

  1. : Raw datas of both UWB and Mocap in the same frame of reference. It contains each person (Rig1 to Rig6).

  2. : UWB datas filtered.


The dataset is for twitter spam detection.


Experimental evaluation of test-driven development with interns working on a real industrial project:

   - raw experimental data: unit test, integration tests results and coverage,

   - R statistical analysis script,

   - processing scripts.


The Costas condition on a permutation matrix, expressed as row indices as elements of a vector c, can be expressed as A*c=b, where b is a vector of integers in which no element is zero.  A particular formulation of the matrix A allows a singular value decomposition in which the eigenvalues are squared integers and the eigenvalues may be scaled to vectors with all integer elements.  This is a database of the Costas constraint matrices A, the scaled eigenvectors, and the squared eigenvalues for orders 3 through 100.


Please refer to the file CC_SVD_Database_Readme.pdf for instructions on the format of the database, and its use.  The database contains one file for each order.  The files are CSV files in which each line ends with a comma, then a plain text remark that explains that line.


104 participants  (54 female and 50 male) walked over a treadmill. Gait data based on 25 joint trajectories was recorded using a single Kinect V2 depth sensor placed in frontal view. We gradually increased the speed of the motorized treadmill from 0m/s to 1.2m/s. All recordings start once 1.2m/s speed is reached. After approximately 30 seconds of continuous walking, the recording stops and then the slowdown starts.


The .zip file contains:

1) A .xlsx file containing important information about each participant (age,sex,height and weight)

2) A .jpg file containing an overview of the workspace.

3) 104 walking recordings (54 female and 50 male recordings) .

 Each recording has the identification code "K3"+"the participant reference number". Each recording is a time series vector organized as follows:


1.Shoulder Right (x,y,z)

2.Elbow Right (x,y,z)

3.Wrist Right (x,y,z)

4.Hand Right (x,y,z)

5.Hand tip Right (x,y,z)

6.Thumb Right (x,y,z)

7.Hip Right (x,y,z)

8.Knee Right (x,y,z)

9.Ankle Right (x,y,z)

10.Foot Right (x,y,z)

11.Shoulder Left (x,y,z)

12.Elbow Left (x,y,z)

13.Wrist Left (x,y,z)

14.Hand Left (x,y,z)

15.Hand tip Left (x,y,z)

16.Thumb Left (x,y,z)

17.Hip Left (x,y,z)

18.Knee Left (x,y,z)

19.Ankle Left (x,y,z)

20.Foot Left (x,y,z)

21.Head (x,y,z)

22.Neck (x,y,z)

23.Spine Shoulder (x,y,z)

24.Spine mid (x,y,z)

25.Spine Base (x,y,z)


This dataset is offered as .csv and is part of 3 files which are:

- File 1: has all 1699 arabic news headlines colllected with the corresponding emotion classification that 3 annotators agreed on with no bias

- File 2: has the dataset with BOW features extracted

- File 3: has the dataset with n-gram features extracted


This data set is related to the figures from the paper titled "Nanofabricated Low-Voltage Gated Si Field Ionization Arrays" by Girish Rughoobur, Alvaro Sahagun, Olusoji Ilori and Akintunde I. Akinwande.


This dataset provides bibliography on literature anaylzed in the course of a systematic literature review to derive quality factors relevant for simulation modelling in infromation systems research. The dataset connects to the following publication: M. Auf der Landwehr, M. Trott, and C. von Viebahn, "Computer Simulation as Evaluation Tool of Information Systems: Identifying Quality Factors of Simulation Modeling," in IEEE CBI 2020: 22nd International Conference on Business Informatics: University of Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium, June 22–24, 2020





The dataset consists of reviews for various hotels throughout the world and data columns range from Location, Trip Type to various parameters of reviewing with individual review score. The data can be preprocessed and used for various purposes ranging from review categorization, topic extraction, sentiment analysis, location based quality calculation etc. Trustworthy real world data comes handy now-a-days and is tough to get a grasp on. So this dataset will be a good contribution for the researcher community as well as professionals.