Poultry information such as number of male and female, rate of chick mortality in each week, amount of feed and medicine given to each chick and cull’s rate of week 1 to week 69 is obtained from Sabarhi Hatcheries in Palladam, Tamil Nadu, India.  Sabarhi Hatcheries is recognised by Central Poultry Development Organization of India. The hatchery area is divided into five sections like work space, egg storage and processing, incubation, hatching, cleaning, and clean-up.

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This data set is a selected list of publications on data visualization on large high-resolution display. We conducted a systematic search in six major scientific databases in computer science (Springer, Wiley Online Library, ScienceDirect, ACM digital library, IEEE Xplore, EBSCO host between November 23 and December 1, 2019) using 23 search queries capturing the different terms used to describe a wall-sized display (e.g. “visualization wall”, “tiled display”, etc.).


This work presents a comprehensive study of the performance of Sezawa surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices in SweGaN QuanFINE® ultrathin GaN/SiC platform, reaching frequencies above 14 GHz for the first time. Sezawa mode frequency scaling is achieved due to the elimination of the thick buffer layer typically present in epitaxial GaN technology. Finite element analysis (FEA) is first performed to find the range of frequencies over which the Sezawa mode is supported in the grown structure.


This dataset is used to design patent and many machines can be designed using this dataset.

This is a very important dataset to do breakthrough. One of the secrets behind invention is revealed in these datasets.

Part of this design, with manually done tabulated calculations were submitted as the proposal design (for innovation challenge) proposed by the author, in the small concept paper to Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India in the year 2017.

 As the Excel files(using LibreOffice) are given, so no paper is written is for it.


the data of Gaussian Process Regression Based Traffic Prediction and Rate Coordination for Service Chain Congestion Optimization


Database performance is one of the main components in supporting the sustainability of a system in this case is STARS. One way to improve the performance of the database is to use the concept of a partition table. Thus, in this study, the design and evaluation of the partition table will be carried out which will then be applied to the SWCU STARS database. The results of this study indicate that partition tables have better performance than non-partitioned tables seen from several SQL syntaxes, like update, delete and select.

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<p>cnki dataset</p>


Data of the paper "Goal Orientation in Music Composition and Other Social Behaviors Leading to the Common Quantitative Law".



Models of the electrical machines are used in the process of development control system and verification of them. Nowadays multiphase machines are attracting attention due to their reliability; however, standard MATLAB libraries are limited by 5-phase and 3-phase models. This paper considers a universal model of 3-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 9-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. The model was developed using standard blocks of MATALB Simulink and can be used as a component of SimPowerSystem. Simulation results are provided as well as a link to the library for use free of charge.


Light wfeight Function create stem3 model  with an complex route as in link figure data set