wind turbine

This dataset is used to design patent and many machines can be designed using this dataset.

This is a very important dataset to do breakthrough. One of the secrets behind invention is revealed in these datasets.

Part of this design, with manually done tabulated calculations were submitted as the proposal design (for innovation challenge) proposed by the author, in the small concept paper to Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India in the year 2017.

 As the Excel files(using LibreOffice) are given, so no paper is written is for it.


This dataset is in support of my research paper 'Analysis of Power Generation And Turbine Characteristics of 2.2 kW Residential Wind Generators'.

Related Claim :  Novel ß Wind Turbine Urban Residential Controller and Novel ß Wind Vibration Octa Axis Harvesting System in Patent 'Novel ß 10-Axis Grid Compatible Multi-Controller' 

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