Wideband RF

This survey covers more than 150 published papers related to sub-6 GHz wideband LNAs from IEEE publications such as ISSCC, JSSC, TMTT, RFIC, MWCL, TCAS and NEWCAS published in the last 20 years. The considered LNAs are classified according to the technology node and its topology. The presented database is a useful tool for investigating technology trends and comparing the performance of common LNA design styles. 


Design of novel RF front-end hardware architectures and their associated measurement algorithms.
Research objectives, includes:
RO1: Novel architecture based upon Adaptive Wavelet Band-pass Sampling (AWBS) of RF Analog-to-Information Conversion (AIC).
RO2: Integration of AWBS for increasing the wideband sensing capabilities of real-time spectrum analyzers by using AICs.
RO3: Propose online calibration methods and algorithms for front-end hardware non-idealities compensation.