Social network analysis

This data collection focuses on capturing user-generated content from the popular social network Reddit during the year 2023. This dataset comprises 29 user-friendly CSV files collected from Reddit, containing textual data associated with various emotions and related concepts.



This dataset is a set of eighteen directed networks that represents message exchanges among Twitter accounts during eighteen crisis events. The dataset comprises 645,339 anonymized unique user IDs and 1,396,709 edges that are labeled with respect to Plutchik's basic emotions (anger, fear, sadness, disgust, joy, trust, anticipation, and surprise) or "neutral" (if a tweet conveys no emotion).


Reddit is one of the largest social media websites in the world and it contains valuable data about its users and their perspectives organized into virtual communities or subreddits, based on common areas of interest.  Substance use issues are particularly salient within this online community due to the burgeoning substance use (opioid) crisis within the United States among other countries.  A particularly important location for understanding user perceptions of opioids is the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA region, due to the prevalence associated with overdose deaths.  To collect user sen


The compressed file contains:

  • Data files in spreadsheet format from three different networks (friendship, companionship and acquaintances).
  • Analysis files from UCINET, Pajek, Cytoscape and Gephi.

It is thus possible to corroborate the results mentioned in different studies that refer to these data.


The dataset includes a collection of news concerning one of the most divisive public debates supported on Italian media: the constitutional referendum (held on December 4th, 2016) . The data cover a total of four months and a half, from July 31st, 2016 to December 12th, 2016, a week after the date of the referendum, and come from either Facebook. We identify pubblic Twitter acounts of Italian official newspapers, following the exhaustive list provided by ADS, that is an association for the verification of newspaper circulation in Italy.