Around from 12th century MODI script was used to write Indian languages as Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati etc.  It was used as administrative script from 17th century to mid of 19th century in Maharashtra state (India). At present, MODI script users are diminishing away, and countable persons can understand the MODI script. The preserved archaic historical MODI handwritten documents contained important and rare cultural, historic, and administrative kind of information which is usable in present-days.


AHT2D dataset is composed of Handwritten Arabic letters with diacritics. In this dataset, we have 28 letter classes according to the number of Arabic letters. Each class contains a multiple letter form. We have different letter images from different sources such as the internet, our writers, etc. The AHT2D dataset includes only isolated letters. In addition, this dataset contains different writing styles, orientations, colors, thicknesses, sizes, and backgrounds, which makes it a very large and rich dataset.