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This is the example dataset and source code of the paper "A Generalized Channel Dataset Generator for 5G New Radio Systems Based on Ray-Tracing" , and the data generator can be downloaded for free by researchers.

The datagenerator_raytrace3.0 is now support for mm-wave (28GHz+) channel state information.

The advantages of our dataset are as follows:

  • To deal with the large-scale dataset requirements, this letter models the channel according to 5G NR stan- dard published by 3GPP, and provides a 5G NR channel datasets generator based on CDL channel model.


<address>Designed Shim Coil Layouts</address><address>Use Visualize_Coils.m with Matlab 2018a can visualize SH coils.</address>


This dataset contains RF signals from drone remote controllers (RCs) of different makes and models. The RF signals transmitted by the drone RCs to communicate with the drones are intercepted and recorded by a passive RF surveillance system, which consists of a high-frequency oscilloscope, directional grid antenna, and low-noise power amplifier. The drones were idle during the data capture process. All the drone RCs transmit signals in the 2.4 GHz band. There are 17 drone RCs from eight different manufacturers and ~1000 RF signals per drone RC, each spanning a duration of 0.25 ms.