Cattle health monitoring is essential in the modern world, because of the high demand for dairy products. Regular monitoring is essential to extend the lifecycle of cattle and maintain the quality of dairy products. Unfortunately, Observing the health of cattle regularly is difficult in large farms where workers do not have enough time to do so. This paper described IoT devices such as skin temperature, heart rate, and motion sensor. Using this device, you can monitor cattle’s heart rate, activity level, heat stress, the surrounding temperature, and sleep tracking.


This <file> was prepared along with the establishment of the reference intervals for the hematological and biochemical parameters of the juvenile Visayan warty pig (Sus cebifrons negrinus).  The determination of the reference intervals of the juvenile Visayan warty pig was significant, as these reference intervals have never been established for the purpose of assessing the health of this critically endangered species. The file contains six separate sheets featuring the raw and transformed data, as well as the calculated reference interval.


This dataset was prepared to aid in the creation of a machine learning algorithm that would classify the white blood cells in thin blood smears of juvenile Visayan warty pigs. The creation of this dataset was deemed imperative because of the limited availability of blood smear images collected from the critically endangered species on the internet. The dataset contains 3,457 images of various types of white blood cells (JPEG) with accompanying cell type labels (XLSX).