The development of electronic nose (e-nose) for a rapid, simple, and low-cost meat assessment system becomes the concern of researchers in recent years. Hence, we provide time-series datasets that were recorded from e-nose for beef quality monitoring experiment. This dataset is originated from 12 type of beef cuts including round (shank), top sirloin, tenderloin, flap meat (flank), striploin (shortloin), brisket, clod/chuck, skirt meat (plate), inside/outside, rib eye, shin, and fat.

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    Characteristic impedance Result of Microstrip Transmission lines with 3D EM simulation tool


    These data had been donated by Peyman Mahouti in 2019.

    Donators note:

    Please cite the following paper if you use this data set:

    [1]      Mahouti P, Gunes F, Belen MA, Demirel S. Symbolic Regression for Derivation of an Accurate Analytical Formulation Using Big Data : An Application Example. ACES JOURNAL 2017; 32(5): 574-591.


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