energy harvesting

This study was conducted in Mayaguez – Puerto Rico, and an area of around 18 Km2 was covered, which were determined using the following classification of places:

·         Main Avenues: Wide public ways that has hospitals, vegetation, buildings, on either side

·         Open Places: Mall parking lots and public plazas

·         Streets & Roads: Dense residential and commercial areas on both sides

     Vendor             Equipment                  Description      

KEYSIGHT®      N9343C                    Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

  • IoT
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    Sun, 10/27/2019 - 21:54

    An energy harvester for a smart contact lens that monitors the glucose level of a user is developed and demonstrated. The energy harvester captures a smartphone’s 2G cellular emission, and rectifies it into DC power to operate on-lens microelectronics for glucose detection and wireless data transmission. The energy harvester can reach a maximum Ra- dio Frequency (RF) to Direct Current (DC) power conversion efficiency of 47%. An electrically realistic human eye model is designed and fabricated using 3D printing technologies to assist in various measurements of the proposed energy harvester.

  • Wearable Sensing
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